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STEAM IDs / Payday - C'pas un jeu pour tafiolles
Peter La Fleur
Admin 1200 msgs
Etant donné que pour l'instant il n'y a que 6 maps, oui, heureusement qu'il y a ça, sinon on se lasserait très vite.

En l'instance, il y a cette semi-randomisation, ainsi que le matos à débloquer qui donne envie de jouer.

Néanmoins, j'ai hâte de voir d'autres maps (ou mieux, un sdk/éditeur de maps), et voir des scénario moins frileux, avec des situations qui peuvent totalement varier (genre une rue bloquée dans un cas, passer par un immeuble dans un autre, se barrer totalement dans une autre direction, voire des objectifs différents : se barrer en hélico ou en voiture, ou via les égouts) histoire de rendre les parties encore plus intéressantes : "sur quoi on va tomber cette fois ci? qu'est-ce qui va (ou pas) merder?"
Membre 1601 msgs
Serieux, un SDK serait genial. Non seulement parce que ca permet d'avoir un nombre de map consistant, mais en plus, ca pourrait permettre de recréer des map fidèles a de grandes scene de braquage de films ou série... Les gens s'en fouttent mais moi je trouverais ca super cool (imaginez une map Inside Man, map Nakatomi Plaza ou même, soyons fou, JCVD ! :p)
Membre 1601 msgs
Nouvelle update qui fait plaise :

The PAYDAY Xmas update!

Thanks to all you players who have robbed countless banks, snuck off with thousands of diamonds and scooped up gold bars by the tonnes!
OVERKILL Software has monitored you closely through the security cameras and here are our counter measures:

PAYDAY Xmas achievement!
Find a Christmas present on any of the levels in multiplayer - take it and you will be given a Santa mask! Plus you will get the chance to be surprised later on...

Big features
Player drop-in ability in load-out and in-game!
You can now join an ongoing game! You will no longer be locked out of games just because they have already started or because you dropped out during play. Just rejoin and continue collecting those precious dollars and gems!
These are the rules: Players who are downed or in custody and drop out only to rejoin the same game will respawn in custody. Drop-in is disabled during the "point of no return" phase of the heist, as well as on the end screen.

Heavily improved fighting and acting by team AI and enemies
New features and fixes include:
• New events and enemy tactics on all levels
• Team and enemies now pick better cover and firing positions, and use more intelligent firing lanes for suppression and sniping
• Enemies now master additional acrobatic moves (such as dashes and slides) and they can fire at you while doing them!
• More cover moves for team AI and enemies
• Enemy AI move in tighter formations and coordinate better
• Team AI now keeps up with human players much better
• Smoother turn and aim on team AI, and reduced animation glitches on movements
• Better looking weapon recoils on team and enemies
• AI teammates now pick weapons that better suit the current combat situation
• Combat will now be more mid ranged and not run-in gun battles
• Team AI no longer has "ants in the pants" (they don't move around so much) when there are no enemies around

Advanced GFX settings menu (AG menu)
Custom visual settings and optimizations, including:
• Texture resolution setting "low" to "high"
• Texture filtering "off" and up to x16
• V-synch on/off
• AA on/off
• Light streaks on/off
• Animation level-of-detail setting for better performance
• More suitable default resolutions to fit laptops etc.
• AlienwareFX on/off (for Alienware computers)
• Added eight color grade filters (inspired by a range of heist and action movies)
"Payday +"
"In Traffic"
"Xgen Brown"
"Future of Gaming"
"The Matrices"

New masks
To celebrate that yet another bunch of military shooters was released recently, we've added four new masks to Payday!

Improved network code
Disclaimer: We did not fix the Internet. Please talk to Al Gore about that.

We've added a red toothbrush to Panic Room, and we've made sure this one's worth the hullabaloo!

Additional features and fixes
Slaughterhouse and Diamond Heist are now available in the Normal difficulty setting
Single Player has improved scenario and difficulty balancing
Added more money bundles to First World Bank
The legendary über killer sniper removed from Heat Street
Teammate "mugshot" icons (lower left corner of the screen) now flash to indicate who is talking over VOIP
You can now see the cash value of the "near completion challenges" in the TAB menu
Fix to better hear team AI voices
Fixes for random crashes
Fixed the drill that kept resetting to full time for some people
Fixes for fake lobby appearing
Changed [Enter] to $Continue; to fix binding of enter to block the final stats screen.
More camera impacts on explosions
All weapons now have alert ranges, unique for each weapon
Chains is no longer replaced by Wolf on rare trade occasions
Bain will now correctly call the equipment "saws" (not "drills") in Panic Room

Now have fun, fellow heisters! DLC is of course in the works, as well as Patch 4! :-)
/The OVERKILL Crew and Sony Online Entertainment

Page Steam :
Membre 1601 msgs
Des gens ont finis Diamond Heist en Overkill en 2min...

En fait, les codes peuvent marcher du premier coup, ca doit juste être super rare.
Membre 1601 msgs
Patch 6 (presque out).!/Overkill_tm/status/188056801160343552

Ayé c'est sorti !

PATCH 6 is now LIVE

We're bringing out the big guns on this one! First off,

NEW SWAT TACTICS on all levels

NEW and improved blood, gundfire and explosion effects.

NEW damage from explosions.

NEW DIFFICULTY For the PAYDAY fans that think the action is the juice, we now introduce a new difficulty setting called OVERKILL 145+. It can only be played if you have reached level 145 and opens up the possibility for new achievements as well as the OVERKILL 145+ leaderboards.

NEW RANDOM EVENTS on all the heists on ALL DIFFICULTIES, will surprise and challenge you like never before.

Also some extra love on:

STREET: New OVERKILL 145+ events
PANIC ROOM: New OVERKILL 145+ events

NEW ACHIEVEMENTS The patch includes eight new achievements for Steam.

FOUR MORE YEARS: Awarded for reaching reputation level 145. Along with the achievement, players are also rewarded with the presidential mask set!

BANK ON ME: Awarded for beating FIRST WORLD BANK on the OVERKILL 145+ difficulty setting.

HILLS STREET BLUES: Awarded for beating HEAT STREET on the OVERKILL 145+ difficulty setting.

BRUSH WITH DEATH: Awarded for beating PANIC ROOM on the OVERKILL 145+ difficulty setting.

BEAT THE SHIELD: Awarded for beating GREEN BRIDGE on the OVERKILL 145+ difficulty setting.

BAD CODE: Awarded for beating DIAMOND HEIST on the OVERKILL 145+ difficulty setting.

LOTS OF PIGS, BUT NO PIGS: Awarded for beating SLAUGHTERHOUSE on the
OVERKILL 145+ difficulty setting.

YOU ARE GOLDEN! Awarded for beating all six original heists on the OVERKILL 145+ difficulty setting. Along with the achievement, players are also rewarded with the golden 145+ mask. Overkill salutes you!


Players who reach reputation level 145 (and get the FOUR MORE YEARS achievement) are awarded with the presidential mask set.

Players who beat all heists on the new OVERKILL 145+ difficulty setting (and get the YOU ARE GOLDEN! achievement) are awarded with the golden 145+ mask - the most fashionable way to show others that you are a true career criminal!

NEW OPTION (PC ONLY) By popular demand, players can now set their FOV (field of view) ranging from 60 to 100. Simply go to the Advanced Graphics Menu to make the change.

HALL OF FAME (PC ONLY) 200 dedicated career criminals are in for a surprise! As a token of appreciation to our community, 200 of the most dedicated PC players have gotten their nick names immortalized in the PC version of the game. Where could your name be hiding?

WORLDWIDE SUCCESS RATE Payday players can now view statistics on how large a percentage of players in the world have completed the different heists on all difficulties. Access this information in the Select Heist Menu.

NEW CHARACTER ANIMATIONS The law enforcers can now move like never before! Expect the unexpected! Also, the party goers in DIAMOND HEIST have new dance moves.

HUD UPDATE Players can now see the name of the character they are currently playing in the portrait window while in-game.

NEW MUSIC The DJ at the party in DIAMOND HEIST has a nice playlist.

NEW MOUSE settings. You can now set your mouse sensetivity for aimed and non aimed mode. This is also a on/off feature.


Improved network code.
Added a fix for those who experience lag after a successful heist.
Collision fixes on all levels.
Added a fix for AI movement in DIAMOND HEIST.
Added a fix for the glitch where the enemy could not see you in SLAUGHTERHOUSE.

Added a fix for LOD (level of detail) steps on several heists.
Added a fix for the big red diamond abuse in DIAMOND HEIST.
Added a fix for crashes when leaving multiplayer.
Added fixes for several rare crashes.
Added a fix for the Cloaker who would not attack players.
Added a fix for the Cloaker who would do range attacks on players.
Added a fix for brightness control which previously didn't always work properly.
Added a fix for snipers that would shoot through the building walls in PANIC ROOM.


Added a fix for the Taser, who now has a longer interval before he starts to tase again after being interrupted.


The shotguns now have new - more realistic - reload animations, in which the weapon isn't cocked unless it's needed.
Graphical updates on some heists. New events have caused us to make certain graphical improvements, changing the layout of several environments.

There is more in there but you gotta find it >) - enjoy!



NOTE : Les gens étant déjà lvl 145 lors de la MAJ n'arrive pas a lancer le jeu. Cela va être réglé.

EDIT : première image des masques présidentiel : (Bush, Obama, Clinton et Nixon)
Membre 1601 msgs
Patch 7 !


New Menu theme selection: The players can now switch menu theme from “Original” to “Heat”. For all our dedicated heisters we upgrade the menu theme so they can pick their favorite theme to heist in.
New option: Light adaption on/off: The players can now choose to have Light adaption on or off.
Unveiling of the Technician class: The players can now view a tease of the Technician class (unlocked with upcoming DLC) in the upgrades menu.
New moves and tactics by the SWAT AI.
A bright future: Someone in the Garnet Group Skyscraper is heading for a bright future…
A dark future: Someone in the projects is preparing for a dark future…


Fixed a bug where Bain’s subtitles would appear on the heist result screen.
Fixed a bug where the reputation limit would be set to level 0 from the edit game settings menu even if it is set higher before creating a heist.
Fixed a bug where the game would lock if a trip mine left by a character who was in custody defeated a law enforcer.
Fixed a bug where enemies sometimes would teleport to a nearby location after performing an evasive maneuver.
Fixed a bug where the “Play With Team AI” selection would not save when turned off.
Fixed a bug where there would be error text in the online in-game menu for Edit Game Settings.
Fixed a bug in Single Player, with no AI, dialog would still mention freeing comrades after each assault.
Fixed a bug where previously selected character flashed briefly on screen when navigating back to ‘Choose Character’.
Fixed a grammatical error in the Reputation Limit description.
Fixed a bug that made it possible for Cloakers to club players from a distance.
Corrected the Select Difficulty description.
Removed the Merry Xmas challenge from the Challenge list.
Fixed a bug where masks would not update correctly after a game had been played.
Fixed a bug where a late join would cause looping sound effects.
Fixed a bug where levels are not listed under Available Heists when selecting difficulty.
Fixed a bug where the number of players in a game would not display correctly on the load-out screen.
Fixed a bug where the challenge complete bar would not pop up when completing any of the 145+ challenges.
Fixed a bug where Dallas’ President mask would appear incorrect.
Fixed a bug where the Clean Hit, Like A Pro, and Bulletproof challenges did not unlock on the harder difficulties.
Fixed a bug where the Grim Reaper challenge would not appear to unlock as stated by the challenge requirement.
First World Bank: Fixed a bug where grey rectangular polygons would drop in and out in the basement area.
First World Bank: Fixed a bug where a location right outside the Basement was identified as “Unknown Location”.
First World Bank: Fixed a bug where the game would lock all players when a player late joined after the heist had started.
First Word Bank: Fixed a bug where dialog would continue to play after commanding the Bank Manager to get down.
Heat Street: Fixed a bug which made it possible to complete only ten out of eleven objectives.
Panic Room: Fixed a bug where corrupt graphic was seen coming from a mouse on the floor.
Panic Room: Fixed a bug where corrupt ceiling fan graphics was seen.
Panic Room: Fixed a bug where there were no enemies in the smoke that fills the stairway to the roof.
Panic Room: Fixed a bug where there would be multiple collision issues during game-play.
Panic Room: Fixed a bug where flickering text graphics could be seen above each doorway.
Panic Room: Fixed a bug where the enemies throughout the heist could be found in a T-pose.
Heat Street: Fixed a bug where the door for the orange container next to the crashed van was slightly clipping into the van.
Green Bridge: Fixed a bug where two objective markers appear on-screen at the same time when running to the exit.
Green bridge: Fixed a bug where there would be missing side rail graphics at the end of the bridge during the “Make The Escape” objective.
Green Bridge: Fixed a bug where the yellow end game marker did not appear if players reach the exit before the escape prompt.
Green Bridge: Fixed a bug where the zip lines would not show from the towers to the top of the scaffolding.
Green Bridge: Fixed a bug where the player was able to place trip mines on invisible collision on open prison trucks.
Diamond Heist: Fixed a bug in Diamond Heist, as the alarm was triggered some AI guards would appear to be warping from their original location.
Diamond Heist: Fixed a bug where two waypoints appear on the screen at the same time.
Diamond Heist: Fixed a bug where the game would crash when the vault door codes did not work.
Diamond Heist: Fixed a bug where it was possible to take the Big Red Diamond through the metal fence that drops down.
Diamond Heist: Fixed a bug where there would be multiple collision issues during game-play.
Slaughterhouse: Fixed a bug where the player could become stuck inside the falling safe.
Slaughterhouse: Fixed a bug where the armored truck was appearing incorrectly in the main room.
Slaughterhouse: Fixed a bug where the AI was seen standing on invisible collision.
Slaughter House: Fixed bugs where four “unknown locations” were found near the Main Room.
Slaughter House: Fixed a bug where meat hanging in the main room would be inconsistent between the host and the clients.



Donc on se tiens près pour le DLC (2 nouvelles maps, 1 nouveau rang technicien, nouvelles armes (AK47, Lance Grenade...) et surtout y'a pleins de réferences à L4D dedans (Zoey sur une affiche, Medkit...)
Peter La Fleur
Admin 1200 msgs
Oh... cool ça. Faudra y retourner avec pomkucel, hein cubertoy.
Membre Factor
Membre 737 msgs
Étant passé à côté à sa sortie, j'espère une petite promo à l'occasion de la disponibilité des dlc pour le récupérer. Il y a encore beaucoup de monde sur les serveurs?
Peter La Fleur
Admin 1200 msgs
Ben là tout de suite, tout le monde est sur Diablo 3.
Néanmoins, à l'occaz, je ne suis pas contre y retourner avec les 2 comparses cube et pom, donc y a moyen d'y jouer.
Membre Factor
Membre 1831 msgs
Il est à pas cher ici (4,99$).
Dispo dès la semaine prochaine, vivement le DLC !
Membre 1601 msgs
Grave, moi j'en suis si vous jouez, je suis toujours lvl ~80, pas rejouer depuis vous les mecs :p
Reporter de terrain
Redac 885 msgs
Salut, si y a des gens op pour tenter le nouveau niveau de difficulté avec tout ce qui va (vocal et cie), ajoutez moi: kimono666
Membre 1601 msgs
Bon j'aimerai m'y remettre. Qui est partant ? Feed ? Pomkucel ?
Reporter de terrain
Redac 885 msgs
toujours op moi
Membre Factor
Membre 1831 msgs
o/ dispo également !
Membre 2825 msgs
Je voudrai bien reprendre. A un moment, on était un petit groupe à y jouer régulièrement, et puis pouf plus rien alors que j'ai pas encore torché toutes les maps.
Et avec ce système de level, le mien n'étant pas très haut, va trouver des joueurs pour y jouer.
Membre 1601 msgs
Ouais les gens online sont assez zarb niveau réaction concernant le lvl (alors qu'au fond, vraiment, que tu sois 20 ou 169 ca change pas tellement... même moins armé ca reste équilibré pas trop trop mal).

Enfin bref, totalement dispo... Faudrait s'organiser ça. Aujourd'hui ?
Petit pawné collatéral
Membre 833 msgs
Finalement, j'ai cracké, il me fallait ma dose de jeu défouloir. Vous me trouverez donc pendant quelques temps sur le TS.

Id Steam : thesus
Membre 2825 msgs
Etant donné que le dlc doit sortir ce soir, et que ça fait un moment que je n'y ai pas joué, et que j'ai bien envie d'y rejouer justement, après achat du dlc, il y en a partant ce soir pour casser de la banque aux alentours des 21 heures ?

Je serai sur le TS de Factor dans ces eaux là.
Peter La Fleur
Admin 1200 msgs
Je serais bien entendu là ce soir.
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