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SupCom 2 : le gros patch

CBL par CBL,  email  @CBL_Factor
Comme vous êtes toujours plus d'un millier à jouer à Supreme Commander 2, GPG s'est dit qu'il était temps de sortir un patch. Ce dernier est très conséquent et corrige/ajoute plein de trucs. Les cartes multi qui étaient réservées à ceux qui ont préco le jeu sont désormais accessibles à tout le monde.

New Features:

Added AI Custom Options menu to allow fine control of each AI’s Core Strategy, Build Speed, Resource Income, Veterancy, Intel, and Target preference
The pre-order maps Emerald Crater, Iskellian Coast, QAI Prototype Facility, Seraphim VII Site, and Weddell Isle are now available to play for all players
Added a Cybran Mass Convertor structure, unlocked via the research tree
Added “No Artillery Structures” to game exclusions list
Added “No Mass Conversion” to game exclusions list
Added shield range ring indicators both during placement and on mouse-over
Added factional shield coloring, and quicker impact effects to improve overall visibility and feedback
Added a keybind to turn the UI and all associated in-game clutter on and off for screenshots and movies: Ctrl-U
Updated the current ranked season to season 2


Increased Mass Convert cost to 2500e and income to 250m
Increased Mass Convert cooldown to 10 seconds
Killing enemy units will now generate 25% less Research
Illuminate Rogue Nanites heal decreased to 5,000. Was 10,000
Illuminate ACU Shield health decreased to 12,000. Was 15,000
Illuminate ACU Teleport, Damage, Rogue Nanites and Personal Shield upgrades each increased by 1 RP
Illuminate Rogue Nanite’s range increased from 10 to 15
Cybran Battleship range decreased to 90. Was 115
Cybran Kraken health and damage increased by 50%. Weapons no longer prefer unique targets
AI veterancy cheat buff is now an increased vet rate, rather than free levels
Illuminate Point Defense cost increased to 200m/440e. Was 190m/420e
UEF P-Shield health increased to 600. Was 400
Nuke cost increased to 1000m/4000e for each projectile. Was 750m/3000e
Mobile units that are hunkered will no longer be affected by the magnetron


Fix for being able to assist an engineer assisting a factory and bypassing the build speed reduction
Fix for being able to have UEF Pgens assist an engineer assisting a factory and bypassing the build speed reduction
Fix for being able to have UEF Pgens assist an engineer assisting a factory and bypassing the range check
Fix for AI not sending early attacks
Fix for Air units not accepting multiple destruction part meshes in their blueprints
Fix for AI ACU going back and forth when there are enemies nearby
Fix for AI not using the Noah Unit Cannon
Fix for units getting strung out along cliffs
Fix for units that have queued move orders pathing weird after using an ability
Fix for beam weapons not turning off when units were loaded onto transports
Fix for Hover units not triggering properly when killed
Fix for UEF Long Range Artillery not being able to fire at their upgraded max range
Fixed Sonar Radius buffs to work like Intel Radius buffs
Units that are dropped from a transport will no longer infinitely loop their move ambient sound
Fix for AI units trying to climb hills
Fix for UI-based ACU duplication exploits
Fix for replay files not closing properly under rare circumstances
Fix for Platoon position being on unpathable terrain and screwing everything up for the AI
Fix for units being teleported when dropped from a transport over invalid terrain
Fix for the wrong leader being selected for Air units
Fix for GPNav group leader selection. Agents are eligible to be the group leader only if they are close enough
Fix for units that have queued move orders pathing weird after using an ability
Fixed resources getting refunded for units that have completed building and are cancelled with the stop command
Fix for units getting stuck against walls if they started out moving via steering only (no flow field)
Fix for naval units not receiving commands outside the playable rectangle
Fix for some air units in a group slowing way down
Fix for crash when issuing guard on the ground
Fixed a version number crash when loading a saved skirmish game
Fix for crash when loading a save game while a unit is jumping
You can no longer send air units through an enemy Space temple beacon


When we buff a unit’s max health we now set the units health percentage to the same as it was before the buff was applied
Removed the visual effect on other units from the Bodaboom and Universal Colossus to improve performance
Increased Bodaboom buff check time to 8 seconds and Universal Colossus to 6 seconds to improve performance
Changed the Bodaboom range circle to match the Bodaboom’s buff range
Attempting to join a game when you have modified files and the host does not (or vice-versa) will fail with a warning message. This is true for joining through the game browser or by receiving an invite
We now disable collisions on units while they are in a transport
All Air to Ground and Ground to Air projectiles will no longer collide with each other
Units that die while jump jetting will fall like air units
Anti-Nukes will now show the proper Available/Max numbers when you hover over the build AntiNuke button
Made path requests NOT immediately reset from cost stamp collisions
If you lose and have a human ally that is still alive, you can no longer hear sounds from enemies under the Fog of War and can no longer see decals created under the Fog of War
We no longer remove units from their group when issuing ability commands (except in special cases)
GPNav now allocates all the memory it will require for Integration Fields at the start of the game to improve performance
Jump jetting units will now adjust their flying height to avoid colliding with terrain
Reduced the effect ambient sounds have on the game’s framerate
Improved ’should dodge’ logic so if your push class is less than, then you should dodge
Improved ‘pass through walls’ handling so battleships don’t get pushed onto the shore
If a unit cannot move as fast as the group, then the unit’s speed bonus max is 15% instead of 50%
Fixed air units group speed calc, so its not just the leader speed.. its the speed vote, just like land units
Illuminate Flare effect updated. Now less expensive, added an on ground impact effect
UEF Disruptor Station Activation Effects. Bigger for better player feedback
Illuminate Electroshock beam and impact adjustments
Illuminate Radar Overdrive, added activation effect
All faction scaffolding effect LOD adjustments. Better player feedback at further LOD range
Tri-armor buff effect. Now better looking and less expensive
Reclaim, Capture, Repair, Build effect LOD adjustment. Better player feedback at further LOD range
All Faction Unit destroy LOD adjustments. Better player feedback at further LOD range
Experimental Unit weapon effect LOD adjustments. Better player feedback at further LOD range
LOD update on unit upgrade, build bonus, overcharge, mass convert and hunker. Better player feedback at further LOD range
Changed text for shield restrictions to imply structures only


AI will now use path markers for attack and scouting
AI will build additional radar away from its base
Magnetron will now look for targets in a radius around itself, rather than the base it is assigned to
AI will now build the Cybran Mass Convertor
AI will build more than 1 mass convertor, if needed
AI will now prioritize getting the Mass Convertor research if it has a high amount of energy stored
AI will no longer mass convert when it has enough mass already
AI will now build more Pgens when Mass Convertor is researched, rather than waiting for it to be built
AI will use the buffer size to check for blocking terrain (via GPNav) before building a structure
AI will try not to nuke its own units
Improved AI research paths
Removed Radar and Vision cheat buffs from the AI
Added Naval Neural Net
Updated the Neural Net data based on several hundred new simulation sets
AI will wait until it has a mass convertor before going nuts with Pgens
Land, Balanced, and Rush AIs will put a higher priority on getting an Air factory if they can’t reach an enemy by land
AI ACUs will no longer build Naval factories. This will be handled by Engineers
The AI will once again use the Illuminate Space Temple
Adjusted AI platoons to prevent the AI from stalling when hitting unit cap
AI can now use Naval units to guard its base
Guard base platoons will now guard a wider range
AI will build more engineers per expansion base
AI will only build up to 10 research facilities
AI will take mass fabricators into account when looking at income/spending ratio
AI will build Gantries in expansion bases more
Improved AI Nuke/Anti-Nuke behavior
AI platoons will no longer Jump Jet or Teleport unless at least 75% of the platoon can make the move
Platoons that the AI wants to run away will now clear previous commands
AI Neural Nets will now check to see if an enemy unit’s shield is active when performing threat evaluation
AI units will no longer run to deactivated bases
AI will now use carriers appropriately again
Added a new function to the Platoon class to get a platoons shortest attack range
Micro distance is now based on the Platoon’s shortest attack range
AI will now do a quick pathable check when looking for places to build
Engineers will no longer look for things to reclaim or units to repair while attached to another unit

Known Issues:

Replays from previous versions will not function with this version
Skirmish Save games from previous versions will not function with this version
Campaign Save games from previous versions will not function with this version. Campaign progress (unlocks) will still be preserved, however
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