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Nouvelle adaptation de Tom Clancy confirmée

Sonny par Sonny,  email
On en parlait , un nouveau jeu adapté d'un roman de Tom Clancy était peut-être en développement chez Red Storm Entertainment. On peut aujourd'hui virer le "peut-être", puisque Ubi Soft vient de confirmer The Sum Of All Fears, shoot tactique à la Rainbow Six/SWAT 3, et accompagne le communiqué de presse de deux screenshots. Pas de surprise côté moteur 3D, on retrouve celui de Ghost Recon, qui a déjà fait ses preuves. Pour l'histoire rien de très original : FBI, unité d'élite, otages à libérer, etc.

  • Voir les screenshots

    Le communiqué complet se trouve juste après le lien "Lire la suite".

    San Francisco - April 25, 2002 - Ubi Soft Entertainment, one of the world's leading videogame publishers, today announced a worldwide licensing deal with Viacom Consumer Products to publish games based on the upcoming motion picture release, The Sum Of All Fears. Paramount Pictures’ The Sum of All Fears, is the latest Tom Clancy novel to grace the big screen, this time starring Ben Affleck as Jack Ryan. Ubi Soft plans to launch the PC version of the game in conjunction with the movie release, in May for U.S. and Canadian audiences and in the fall for European fans. Ubi Soft will also release the game on the new generation of consoles in the months following the movie's release.

    “The film adaptations of Tom Clancy's novels always thrill audiences with their intensity and action-based realism, which is the same formula for making great games,” said Laurent Detoc, president of Ubi Soft Entertainment Inc. “The Sum Of All Fears will give players the chance to fully experience the fast-paced action of this Tom Clancy bestseller at home.”

    Developed by Ubi Soft’s Red Storm Entertainment, the North Carolina based studio known for their popular Tom Clancy games, the PC version will feature action-oriented gameplay appealing to a wide audience. The technology behind the new game combines the physics and graphic capabilities of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon™, the 2001 Game of the Year*, and the familiar gameplay style of the best-selling Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six franchise.

    The Sum Of All Fears games will be based on events from both Tom Clancy's novel and Paramount Pictures'; movie, immersing players in the middle of a high-stakes adventure as members of an FBI elite hostage rescue team reassigned to track down the conspirators of a major plot against the United States. Players can choose to play as part of a three-player team or up to 36 players can join the multiplayer action on the gaming portal as well as the internet. The game takes place in a number of modern day locations, including West Virginia, the Middle East, and South Africa, and allows players to follow the story of The Sum Of All Fears via rendered cinematics depicting vital plot points from the novel and movie.

    *Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon named Game Of The Year by both PC Gamer and

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    About Ubi Soft:
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