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Les jedi sur X-Box d'abord

Niko par Niko,  email  @nik0tine  
BioWare fait faux bon aux possesseurs de PC : alors que Knights of the Old Republic est prévu pour noël sur X-Box, la version PC a été retardée en 2003.

Les créateurs de Balladur's Gate ont en effet choisi ce délai pour de ne pas entrer en concurrence avec Star Wars Galaxies; les jeux ne jouant pas du tout dans la même catégorie on subodore un problème de gros sous.
Pour nous consoler, Electronic Arts se fend d'un communiqué de presse pour nous expliquer ce que l'on rate... à voir après le lien.

  • Knights of the Old Republic will use an engine called Odyssey. Supposedly it takes advantage of the the latest graphical technology in the GeForce 3. The Odyssey engine is a step above the engine used for Neverwinter.

  • The gameplay will be more action packed than the Baldur's Gate series. They describe it as a "rules-based real-time system, with a strong action component".

  • There will be "minigames" included that are like those found in the Final Fantasy series. These will be in the form of interactive cut scenes.

  • Three classes is all that is described here, choice of gender will be in.

  • The game will feature a level up system with skills you get to put points in. You can pick what skills you wish to learn.

  • Your actions will determine if you drift towards the dark or light side of the force.

  • You must play as a human, but your party can (up to 3 at a time) anything from wookies to druids.

  • You will visit about 8 worlds in the game, some familiar like Tatooine.

  • Character animations feature eyebrow movement, moving eyes, rustling hair. Animations for emotions are included as well like fear or pain. Described as some of the most life like characters seen in an RPG like this to date.

  • You control a starship called the Ebon Hawk, and this is how you travel in the game. Ship has the same "character and focus as the Millennium Falcon in the movies".
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