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Beyond : la démo dispo sur PS3
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Ouch, « Beyond: Two Souls is a misstep for Mr. Cage […] It would be one of the worst movies you’ve ever seen, even though Ms. Page and Mr. Dafoe give fine performances.»

J'attends les critiques françaises qui doivent tomber à 17h avant de me décider.
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Players will find themselves doing unusual things for a video game: deciding whether to wear a dress on a date, whether to drink beer and smoke pot at a party, or whether to kiss a boy and let his hands roam Jodie’s body. In one scene, you are prompted to decide whether she should attempt suicide. There aren’t many games in which the playable character is told, “Don’t you look pretty today?” Nor are there many games with a female protagonist that aren’t at least partly interested in urging you to leer at her backside while you play.

Unfortunately, many of the scenes with the adult Jodie are more conventional and more disjointed, akin to a series of TV episodes in which she wanders the earth like Bruce Banner in “The Incredible Hulk.” She helps mystical Navajos in the Southwest battle a creature from the spirit world. She lives for a time with homeless people under a bridge. She befriends a child soldier in Mogadishu. The game’s final act — at least as I experienced it, for Mr. Cage says there are 23 endings — is an underdeveloped mess.

Mêmes travers, mêmes écueils.
David Croquette
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Hohoho putain, nyt lui savate bien la bouche. Vivement les review françaises effectivement.
Beyond : la démo dispo sur PS3

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