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The RO:OF is on fire

Zaza le Nounours par Zaza le Nounours, d'après NoFrag  email  @ZazaLeNounours
Tripwire s'apprète à étoffer gratuitement son Red Orchestra : Ostfront 41-45, le FPS multi qu'il est bien.

Au programme de cette petite extension : une nouvelle map, Lyes Krovy, situées dans les forêts du nord de la Russie, alors que les Soviétiques tentent de récupérer un bunker allemand ; la possibilité, seulement pour les Commanders et seulement sur certaines cartes, de balancer des grenades fumigènes ; un changement au niveau du chargement des obus dans les tanks, le choix du type de munition se faisant avant de la charger ; un changement au niveau des conditions de victoire, afin d'éviter les matchs nuls ; et enfin la correction de quelques petits bugs.

Tout ça sera disponible le 27 juillet. Quelques screenshots ainsi que le changelog complet sont visibles juste après.

New Features:
  • Lves Krovy – new infantry map featuring close quarters combat in a trench and forest environment.
  • Smoke Grenades
  • Streamlined and enhanced some interface functionality to make it easier for new players to get into the game.

  • Merged in the UT2004 3369 optimizations to improve server and client CPU performance. 3369 changelog can be found here. NOTE: Not all 3369 changes were merged in, only the ones relevant to RO.
  • New tank cannon round switching system – this new system allows you to select the next round that will be loaded after you fire off the current round. This system more closely matches the real functionality of the tank cannons/ammunition of the period, as well as eliminating the “double reload time” issue where the player had to wait until the current round type was reloaded before switching to another round type after firing.
  • New win conditions (removing “No Decisive Victory”) – this feature change was requested by many players and clans/ladders/leagues. Rounds will no longer end in a stalemate if the time runs out before either side captures all objectives. Instead, the game will assign a winner based by evaluating the following set of criteria in order: which side holds the most objectives, which side has the higher total score, and which team has the most reinforcements.
  • The scoreboard has been enhanced with additional information included a total team score, total objectives held by each team, and the round time remaining.
  • The objective map now breaks out the primary (required) objectives from the secondary objectives to make it more clear what the players should be attacking/defending.
  • Changed the chat text color so that it will be more easily readable against more difficult background colors.
  • Tracers now start at the tip of the 3rd person weapon instead of appearing to come out of the players head.
  • Improved the 3rd person upper body movement while prone. The upper body will now be able to adapt better to terrain while prone helping prevent many of the times when 3rd person players would appear to be aiming up in the air in 3rd person while they were aiming straight forward in first person.
  • The 3rd person players now much more closely match where the first person player is aiming in regard to the pitch axis.

  • New default sound driver from Creative Labs that should fix the issue of having choppy VOIP while using the Hardware 3d or EAX sound setting.
  • Fixed players bouncing off of other players that were prone (This was making it very difficult to perform melee attacks on prone players).
  • Fixed a problem where you could get telefragged by proning/unproning and crouching/uncrouching players.
  • Fixed a graphical glitch that would cause red squares on terrain where blood had splattered.
  • Fixed an exploit where commanders could call in artillery strikes on a position that they marked in a previous round.
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