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Supreme Commander 2 : le bruit et ladder

CBL par CBL,  email  @CBL_Factor
Plus d'un mois après sa sortie, il y a toujours plus de 2000 joueurs sur Steam qui jouent à Supreme Commander 2. GPG continue d'assurer le support et a sorti un nouveau patch qui corrige plein de trucs et ajoute le tant attendu système de ladder.

Chris Taylor continue son videoblog pour parler en théorie de Kings and Castles.

New Features
Ranked 1v1 System! (see below for a detailed explanation of this new system)
Ranked Challenge System (see below for a detailed explanation of this new system)
Unranked Quickmatch (see below for a detailed explanation of this new system)
Map Pings - Added three different kinds of map pings for team play. F5 issues a generic alert to your teammate at a specific location, and it appears as a yellow arrow when zoomed in and a yellow animated ping indicator in strategic mode. F6 is a Move ping, and it uses a blue indicator. F7 is Attack ping, and it uses a red indicator. Color coded arrows will appear on each edge of the screen where your teammate has placed one of these for you to view
Multi-player lobby ready-up checkboxes will now "uncheck" any time a host changes the settings
Changes to multi-player lobby exclusions, game-type, etc. will show up in the multi-player lobby chat box when the host makes changes
Voice icons display next to each player in the multi-player lobby allowing the user to mute individual players
Menu version number – The game now displays a version number on the Main Menu. The versioning has been adjusted at this update to 1.10 to accommodate future updates
AI now starts as a random faction

Cheating fix: Closed a loophole in the code that allowed some players to enable limited cheats
Fixed rare crash if player gets kicked out of the lobby and submits chat text
Fixed rare crash when player hits the enter key in the Skirmish menu
Fixed replacing ready kicked player with AI causes the AI options to be locked
Fixed inability to join DLC map games if you don't have the pack as a client

Tuning and Balance
UEF Assault Bot Research cost decreased from 4 to 3.
Cybran Battleship Range reduced from 128 to 115.
Cybran Destroyer Energy cost increased from 500 to 650.
ACU Training bonus reduced to +25% per level.
Soul Ripper II Anti-Air Damage reduced by 50%.
King Kripter, Colossus and Cybranasaurus-Rex Health and Damage increased by 35%.
Cybranasaurus-Rex Range increased from 22 to 32.
Wilfindja Speed increased from 3.6 to 4.6.
Gantry build time reduced from 120 to 100 seconds.
Pulinsmash weapon range increased from 50 to 100.
Darkenoid Health increased from 20,000 to 27,500.
AC-1000 primary weapon damage blast radius increased from 1.5 to 3.
Cybran Air Rate of Fire boost Research cost increased from 3 to 5.
Bodaboom Health boost increased from +20% to +30%. Aura radius increased from 20 to 30. Added a +200% regeneration bonus.
ACUs are now repaired 150% slower.
Increasing ACU storage size to 15.
UEF Submarine weapon range increased by 50%. Movement speed reduced from 6 to 5.25.
Structure bubble shields now take twice as long to come back online.
Anti-Air Tower damage increased by 25%.
ACUs and Engineers now get a Sonar range equivalent to their Radar range.
ACU/Escape Pod Experience value increased to 7500.
Gantry Experience value decreased to 1250.
UEF/Illuminate Mass Convertor Experience value increased to 750.
UEF/Illuminate Mobile Anti-Air Experience value decreased to 100.
Fighter/Bomber Experience value decreased to 250.
Transport Experience value increased to 750.
UEF Fighter & Bomber Experience value decreased to 200.
UEF/Cybran Battleship Experience value increased to 1500.
Cybran Destroyer Experience value increased to 750.
UEF Submarine Experience value decreased to 150.
King Kriptor, Universal Colossus, Cybranasaurus Rex and Pulinsmash Experience value reduced to 3000.
Cybran Intel Add-on Vision radius is now correctly set to 75.
Fixed an issue with Cybran tactical missiles that prevented them from hitting a target if it was really far away.
Illuminate ACU Teleport time reduced from 10 to 6 seconds

Known Issues
Translation for the Ranked Games Interface in European languages will be in our next update

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