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Playstation - ePSXe 1.5.0

Niko par Niko,  email  @nik0tine  
Une nouvelle version de l'excellent émulateur Playstation ePSXe est enfin sortie. Estampillée 1.5.0, cette nouvelle release fait tourner Valkyrie Profile, Parasite Eve 2, et Syphon Filter.

Pour nos amis pingouinophiles, une version Linux est également disponible. Attention toutefois, pour profiter de toutes les nouveautés (voir le lien "Lire la suite"), il vous faudra dumper (qui a dit télécharger ?) le bios de votre playstation.

  • Télécharger ePSXe 1.5.0 version Win32

  • Télécharger ePSXe 1.5.0 version Linux

  • - Fixed a bug in MDECs, which caused Metal Gear Solid and Rayman 1 to crash. Furthermore, the MDEC options aren't read from the windows registry any more, so you can only disable them with command lines from now on.

    - Rewritten the code what loaded the ps-exe files when starting a game, for a better detection of the games name and the region.

    - Added native support for ppf files. Now you don't need to patch the games any more, simply copy your ppf file into the directory "/patches", with the same name than the main PS-exe file in the cdrom (SLES*, SCES*, SLUS* ...), in uppercase. ePSXe will load it on startup then and patch the game in memory on the fly !

    - MCI code is now disabled in WinNT/2k/XP, expect when you are using an external CD-ROM plugin which has its own CDDA functions (e.g. Pete's). Furthermore, the external CD-ROM plugins can now play some games like Tomb Raider I and II PAL, what was not possible before due to a bug in 1.4.0.

    - Fixed a bug in the internal CD-ROM plugins, which caused some games to hang when they played CDDA sound and later accessed a data sector (Rayman 1)

    - Fixed some bugs in savestates. New savestate are not compatibles with old epsxe versions, but the savestates from a savestate from an old version can still be loaded. The command line -ssv0 has been added, which will let ePSXe save the savestates into the old (but buggy) format. (Fixed savestates in square mdecs, and in threads of fate)

    - Some games which ran only with a certain bios version, should now run with any (only checked with Legend of Dragon PAL)

    - Fixed some GTE bugs. (Looney Tunes: Perro y Lobo, Nhl 99)

    - Included a file with help, what can be accessed from help->contents.

    - Last hour changes in internal spu, what fixes Metal gear solid and Valkyrie profile sound, but we have not had too time for test it ;)

    - Added a new workaround in order to run Parasite Eve 2 (thanks to Psychojak!). You need to use the command "-pe2". Some PE2 versions are automaticly detected and don't need it though. We didn't play through the complete game though, we we can't tell if it's playable until the end.

    - Fixes to the CD-Rom decoder and the core, which make some more games playable like for example Valkyrie profile, Syphon filter series speech, Rayman 1, Micromachines V3, Croc 2, Duke Nukem: Land of Babes, Vrally 2 and Nfs 5 menus, Time Crisis 2 music, Casper Around the World ...

    - Multiples games can be played using additional commands like: Rebelt Assault 2 (-noignorecmd), Micromaniacs (-cdtiming),
    Front Mission 3 (-nocdinc) ...
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