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Killing Floor à prix plancher

CBL par CBL,  email  @CBL_Factor
Killing Floor a reçu une grosse mise à jour qui améliore plein de choses et ajoute trois cartes, sept armes et vingt-deux succès. En additionnant le tout, on obtient 32 bonnes raisons de tester le jeu.

Ca tombe bien : il est gratuit ce week-end et ne coûte que 13,49€ jusqu'à lundi si l'essai vous a convaincu.

Added an all new fireball projectile launching specimen called the Husk
Added a new Perk called Demolitions. This Perk's new weapons are the Pipe Bomb, M79 Grenade Launcher, and M32 Grenade Launcher
Added new weapons for existing Perks
Support: AA12 Automatic Shotgun(with Alt-Fire Semi-Auto mode)
Sharpshooter: M14 EBR Semit Automatic Sniper rifle(With Alt-Fire Laser
Commando: SCAR Automatic Rifle(with Alt-Fire Semi-Auto mode)
Medic: MP7M Modified Sub-machine Gun(with Alt-Fire Heal Dart)
Added 3 New Maps: KF-Bedlam, KF-Wyre, and KF-Waterworks(the Grindhouse Wave 1 first place finisher)
Extended Perk Level to 6 with Gold Perk Icons to signify to others that you are Level 6. New perk levels included enhanced abilities for each perk
Added 22 new Achievements focused on the new Perk, Maps, and Weapons
Completely redone User Interface with a more user friendly Trader Menu design
Implemented new Headshot system that improves headshot detection in network games. Additionally this system fixes Insta-Kill Decap on Fleshpound when attacking up close, and fixes the headshot detection issues on the Scrake
Improved Healing tool functionality. Healing tool will no longer give "false positives" where the healing animation plays but no actual healing occured. Healing should be easier to perform as well
Added ability to Repair Body Armor at Trader, with the additional ability to partially repair the armor when low on money
Improved Collision Detection on players. Should allow you to shoot Zeds near other players where the old cylinder collision would not
Tweaked Clot attack animations
Fixed not being able to properly select your Perk in the Lobby Menu when you join a game during Trader Time
Fixed 3rd Person Nade throwing animations not working online
Fixed issues with the UPnP system implemented in version 1007. The UPNP system should now properly handle opening ports on many more routers. UPNP system is now asychronous so will no longer make the game appear to hitch if the UPNP system is active. Including a new INI setting for disabling UPnP support
Fixed known exploits on all official maps(KF-BioticsLab, KF-Farm, KF-Foundry, KF-Manor, KF-Offices, and KF-WestLondon)
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