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Eh oh, eh oh, on va à Camelot

Arnaud par Arnaud,  email  @drsynack
Doucement mais sûrement, Mythic Entertainment finit d'ajouter à son (très bon) Dark Age of Camelot le contenu promit aux joueurs (et pour lequel ils ont payé, et qui n'est toujours pas palpable plus d'un mois après la sortie du jeu aux Etats-Unis). Ainsi, Sanya (célèbre dans cette communauté) a fait un post annonçant les prochains trucs et machins qu'ils vont ajouter. Détails après le lien comme d'hab.

NPC Content -

Over the next couple of months, the content development team will review each zone, one at a time. The review involves a group of developers looking at a given zone and analyzing the content (monsters and npcs) within. Comments and suggestions will be made as to how each zone can be enhanced.
Enhancements may include super rare roaming monsters, monsters with special abilities, npcs that are specific to certain encounters or areas, or simply filling in holes where content is lacking.

Tradeskill Content -

We are currently working on Spellcraft. Spellcraft will be the process of creating permanent enchantments and incorporating them into equipment. Once this is done, players will be able to craft equipment that is comparable or superior to anything else currently in the game.

Item/Treasure Content -

Stonehenge is done, equipment levels are 36-50. (That patch is next week, FYI.)In the next three weeks we will be trying to do one outdoor zone per realm, tweaking and adding new loot to some camps. We will also be slightly raising the drop rates across the board for surface drops. Spindelhalla will get the drop rates for certain armor tweaked based on player feedback.

All of the quest people are working on the 40th level trainer quests (those are a continuation of the epic quest begun at level 15). These should be in shortly after the week after Thanksgiving. After we complete the 40th level quests, we will begin work on the level 50 trainer quests following the realm's storyline.

We are also working on some new, level 20+ quests for all the realms, including a level 41 Albion quest dealing with necromancers following the evil ways of Arawn, god of the dead.
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