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DDO : L'Hobgobelin

Arnaud par Arnaud,  email  @drsynack
Le site officiel de Dungeons & Dragons Online a été mis à jour pour inciter les gens à s'inscrire sur les forums du jeu. Je m'explique : Turbine diffuse depuis quelques temps - mais pas systématiquement - des informations qui ne sont disponibles que via la partie de leurs forums dont l'accès est réservé aux gens qui y sont inscrits.

Mais à Factor, nous sommes des fous dans nos têtes, wesh wesh tavu. Et c'est donc sans vergogne que nous copieccollons l'image et les informations tout juste diffusées sur l'Hobgobelin, sorte de super-gobelin, tellement qu'on se demande d'ailleurs en quoi il et différent d'un Orque.

From the personal journal of Azalai Korias, Elven Wizard:

12 Zarantyr, 998:

In Khorvaire, it is snowing. Thankfully the weather here will have minimal effect on our excursions from Stormreach, once we can leave. Senna reports that her meeting with the representative from House Deneith has gone well, and we should have a contract by the end of the week.

The others may be satisfied by monetary compensation, but it is the wealth of knowledge of the creatures of Xen'drik that we will gain from this contract which will sate my desires.

19 Olarune, 998:

Our first month of service had us trudging through the sewers, battling the kobolds and oozes that lurk beneath the surface. Today we were sent to scout a hobgoblin outpost in a nearby gorge. Our orders were to avoid unnecessary conflict, but Khovis' lack of stealth alerted a patrol to our presence, and they weren't very interested in negotiation.

The hobgoblins of Xen'drik are brutish creatures, roughly the size and build of Zarn, the warforged. They are stronger and hardier than humans, and unlike many of the other goblinoids races, the hobgoblins tend to form well organized units, and as such may pose a threat to operations in the area.

The patrol contained a pair of hobgoblins and a wolf. The three were obviously well trained, unlike the kobolds we have been fighting for the last month, and using hooked halberd-like polearms to knock Senna off her feet then strike at her when she was down. Zarn's charge drove them back long enough for my spells to finish the three off, but it took all of Khovis' prayers to pick Senna back up again.

We sent Kleija up ahead alone after learning from our mistakes, and the halfling reported that the hobgoblin leader appeared to be a cleric of the Dark Six. Our employers will be pleased with this information.


Creature Type: Humanoid (Goblinoid)
Environment: Underground sewers and caves
Attack: Pike, dual wield, or greatsword
Special Qualities: Knockdown, sometimes poison
Organization: Pair or in gangs (4-9)

Hobgoblins are big, burly, and hairy humanoids that stand over six feet tall. Basically overgrown goblins, hobgoblins use their bigger size and greater strength to their advantage. They've become skilled combatants, with more personal combat skill and a greater sense of organization. Common hobgoblin troops wield pikes or spears, and they've been well-trained in their use to be able to trip and knock down their foes. More veteran hobgoblins such as lieutenants and sergeants frequently take up dual wielding. They rely on quick strikes, frequently on already prone opponents. Finally, hobgoblin leaders and chiefs enforce discipline with mighty two-handed weapons.
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