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Arnaud par Arnaud,  email  @drsynack
La diffusion d'informations sur Duke Nukem Forever est toujours un grand moment. Premièrement parce qu'on à l'impression qu'on nous apprend des trucs alors qu'on ne nous dit rien, et deuxièmement parce qu'on a l'impression que rien ne se passe du côté de ceux qui font les promesses.

Bref, en un mot comme en cent, George Broussard a répondu à quelques questions sur les forums de 3D Realms. Comme je le disais plus haut il ne dit rien de concret ou qu'on n'ait deviné (espéré?), et l'on peut aussi constater qu'il se la pète un max, pour quelqu'un qui a 3 ans de retard dans la sortie d'un jeu.

La compilation des quelques questions/réponses après le lien.

1. Do you think that a large amount of the "COMPLAINERS," aka trolls, will change their tune once DNF begins to surface more?

No. The number of internet complainers is a universal constant. When the game is released, people will complain about the blue texture on level 4, or the sounds on level 5. Or that the game is too long, or too short. Too interactive, or not interactive enough. Blonde instead of brunette strippers.

2. Has the team been working exculsive on the single player aspect of the game, or multiplayer at the same time?


3. Do you agree that people actually have a "next to nothing" idea about DNF and what it is really like and that ALOT of people will be suprised! ?

People have no idea. We haven't released hardly any info and most of it has changed to some degree, and any shots you've seen are way out of date.

4. Do you think that people might except too much from DNF?!

Yes. But it's inescapable after this long in development. All we can do is try to please.

GEORGE OR JOE (correct me if i am wrong) but didnt you say that the video/screens of DNF that have been released were only going to show very little and the video, showing off alot, actually shows off very little of what DNF really is like? (You took in consideration that you barely have even shown off the game)

There's a lot to the game. More than we can cram into a 3 minute video.

I am so sick of games that look good but you cant even get the lights 2 move when u shoot them

You're gonna be a light breakin', dark room makin' fool, and a happy one at that.
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