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Arnaud par Arnaud, d'après Operation Flashpoint  email  @drsynack
Bohemia Interactive continue de prendre ses clients pour des beta testeurs (mais où ont-ils la tête) en sortant aujourd'hui le deuxième patch beta, le 1.27, de son célèbre Operation Flashpoint, en demandant aux gens qui le veulent bien de le tester, tout en n'étant évidemment pas responsables des éventuelles dégradations de données ou de matériel dues à ce patch. Cela dit ils ont la gentillesse de nous signifier que "This is public betaversion. If you don't want to participate on the public betatesting please wait for version 1.30." alors tout va bien..

Le couplet mauvaise langue étant passé, je puis maintenant vous parler de la liste des améliorations. Oh et puis non tiens, z'avez qu'à lire la suite.

1.27 - Fixed: AI: If there are no other targets, watch first enemy that was only heard but not seen yet.
1.27 - Fixed: AI hearing through solid objects was too good.
1.27 - Fixed: AI ability to distinguish enemy from friendly by ear was too good.
1.27 - Change: MGun recoil effect was still too strong.
1.27 - Fixed: soldier movement was heard too far by AI.
1.27 - Fixed: buffer overflow in HTML reading, could cause crash when starting mission.
1.27 - Fixed: speed of vehicle not kept after jumping out (ejecting) from vehicle.
1.27 - Fixed: Manual fire in MP enabled if gunner is not player.
1.27 - Fixed: Random crash during scene LOD management.
1.27 - Fixed: Player identity is not registered if a player disconnects. This caused unkickable ghost playes appearing in player list.
1.27 - Fixed: "Players" dialog closed when multiplayer game session end
1.27 - Fixed: setviewdistance value saved when saving game.
1.27 - Fixed: Water splash was drawn beside the ship.
1.27 - Fixed: East boat gunner was looking in opposite direction.
1.27 - Added: parameter "reportingIP" added to dedicated server config to change / disable IP adress of Query & Reporting master server. When empty, reporting is disabled. If entry missing, is used and server is advertised to GameSpy.
1.27 - Added: some network adjustments can be made in Flashpoint.cfg

MaxMsgSend - maximal number of messages sent in single simulation step (default 26)

MaxSizeGuaranteed - preferred maximal size of guaranteed packet without header (default 512)

MaxSizeNonguaranteed - preferred maximal size of nonguaranteed packet without header (default 256)

MinBandwidth - limit (minimum) for bandwidth estimation (default 28800)

MaxBandwidth - limit (maximum) for bandwidth estimation (default no limit)

1.27 - Added: enable multiple enumerations of hosts.
Now two enumerations are provided - on default DirectPlay port and on port given by player.
This fixes problems with enumeration with most firewalls.
1.27 - Added: function selectWeapon.
1.27 - Fixed: When CAPS LOCK was pressed, Voice Over Net was not disabled (bug since 1.26).
1.27 - Fixed: Standalone server exe not working.
1.27 - Fixed: bug in visibility management that could cause extensive memory allocation during mission.
1.27 - Fixed: soldiers can no longer stay under water.
1.27 - Fixed: soldiers can no fire under water.
1.27 - Optimized: MP: more compression on position updates.
1.27 - Improved: MP: application behaviour when running on background (alt-tab) is now more consistent.
1.27 - Added: functions forceMap, mapAnimClear, mapAnimAdd, mapAnimCommit, mapAnimDone
1.27 - Improved: visibility through bushes and other semitransparent object more accurate.
1.27 - New: Cars can now float when config canFloat=true is set (used for BRDM).
1.27 - Fixed: Cars cannot move under water.
1.27 - Fixed: speed of sound delay caused some sounds to be decayed (since 1.26).
1.27 - Optimized: Soldier update more compressed.
1.27 - Added: non-blood option
1.27 - Fixed: experience after respawn cannot be lower than initial experience. This prevents AI from killing Team Killers after they respawn.
1.27 - Fixed: Ping times on clients were not updated when mission was not running.
1.27 - Fixed: MP: Ejection on client problems fixed. This could also cause player duplication.
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