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UT 3 : la grosse mise à jour est dispo

CBL par CBL,  email  @CBL_Factor
Comme promis, le patch 2.0 (311 Mo) et le Titan Pack (920 Mo) pour Unreal Tournament 3 sont dispo sur PC. Les possesseurs de la version PS3 devront attendre le 19 mars. Le changelog colossal est ci-dessous.

Included in the Titan Pack will be a total of :
- 16 environments - 4 Warfare, 3 vCTF, 6 Deathmatch, and 3 CTF maps – that are new to the PC and PS3 versions
- Three bonus pack maps, CTF-Face, CTF-Searchlight and DM-Morbias (with preview pics)
- The namesake Titan mutator, which lets players overwhelm opponents as a 15 foot tall titan, or crush them as a 30 foot tall Behemoth
- Greed and Betrayal, two gametypes that breed new-found fervor throughout the competitive UT3 arena
- Two powerful weapons, the Stinger Turret and Eradicator Cannon artillery
- Two valuable deployables, the X-Ray Field and Link Station
- The Slow Field power-up, a portable version of the Slow Field deployable
- Stealthbender, a new vehicle that carries two spidermine trap deployables, one EMP mine, and one each of the new Link Station and X-Ray Field deployables
- Two new characters, Nova and Kana (Liandri and Ronin, respectively)
- 57 awards attainable as Steam Achievements and PS3 Trophies
- Broad improvements for PC and PS3: Significant AI enhancements, especially in vehicle gametypes; networking performance upgrades; greatly improved menu flow and UI usability; better mod support
- Client-side demo recording, highly improved Server Browser, a new maplist system, plus mid-game mutator and gametype voting functionality for PC
- High demand PS3 features including PS3 Trophy support, two-player split-screen support, and mod browsing

Patch 2.0 release notes

Improved Steam integration
- Steam Achievement support for Steam installations of UT3.
- Integrated Steam Authentication support.
- 57 achievements mark your progress and mastery of UT.
- Progress screen shows which awards you have earned, and completion progress on all awards.
- You can activate a non-Steam purchased version with Steam (making it a full Steam version) by:
- Open Steam main window
- In Games menu, select Activate a Product on Steam...
- Type in your CD Key
- Install UT3 via Steam
- Note this make an entire new UT3 installation, so uninstall the previous version (your settings/profile should not be affected)

Server Browser
- Server Browser updates, expanded query filtering, clientside filters and a new UI option list.
- Added mutator filtering to the server browser (filter by installed mutators, mutator classes and mutator names)
- Now displays each servers IP in the server details box
- Added 'Join IP' and 'Spectate IP' buttons to the join game menu
- Added an 'Add IP' button to the favourites menu
- Modified the main menu to return to the server browser after disconnecting
- Added a new button to the midgame menu 'Add Favorite', and a new console command: AddServerToFavorites
- Updated server browser code, so that custom gametypes are properly filtered.
- Added a 'List All Game Modes' selection to the server filter menu.
- Added more information to the server browser player list.
- Fixed servers not being added to history, when following a friend to a server
- You can now attempt to directly connect to offline servers in History and Favorites (even during master server downtimes).
- Show "+" for player counts that are populated by bots.

- Major visual and menu flow overhaul for improved useability.
- Made the instant-action and host-game menus keep their settings.
- Scoreboard double click functionality for kicking, messages to specific players.
- Enabled gamepad stick sensitivity setting in UI.
- Improved gamepad support on PC.
- Added support for a whole mess of options on Advanced video settings page.
- Easier to click buttons by fixing cases where mouse went just past them.
- Max player counts always fit on all scoreboards.
- Modifier cards should take display priority in toasts over character unlocks.
- Improved voice command menu positioning and offsets.
- Fixed showing as teleport destinations on map nodes which could not be teleported to.
- Added tooltip while deployed in stealth vehicles to show drop deployable button.
- Bot count UI changed from "Number of opponents" to "Number of combatants" to be less confusing.
- Added support for showing top weapon user in end of match scoreboard. This shows which player got the most kills
with a particular weapon. If a player was the leader with more than one weapon, it picks the weapon he or she got the
most kills with.
- Show beacon with name of enemies in DM if they are close enough.
- Fixed ammo number on HUD pulsing on armor pick up instead of ammo pick up.
- Third position for powernode beacon, when just looking at base.
- Added speaking icon to player beacons.
- Portraits shown for player speaking with VOIP.
- Fixed onslaught teleporter tooltip not always displayed correctly.
- fixed toasts that don't shut down properly popping up later unexpectedly
- More delay before going back to ambient music from action.
- Fixed text being obscured after removing a friend from the friends list
- Fixed showing proper weapon icon on weapon bar for selected weapon when two weapons are in same slot.
- Fixed issue where playercard and friend message screens were disappearing.
- Reduced chat log spam.
- Fixed rules for showing "change team" button.
- Added John Barrett (programming contractor), Michiel Hendriks (programming contractor), and Pancho Eekels (level design contractor) to credits.
- Fixed duel match rules in scoreboard.
- Fixed player information on server browser history page not refreshing correctly.
- Fix a crash caused by some mod UI scenes during the gamne

- Increased radius/volume of Manta, Raptor, and Viper engines.
- Fixed scavenger legs disappearing in kill volumes.
- Force occupied manta to rise if underwater.
- Added sound effect and recharge bar to SPMA to indicate when the weapon is ready to fire
- Increased water damage taken by vehicles.
- Increased Goliath health.
- Fixed nightshade beam weapon accuracy.
- Fixed spidermines confused about nightshade that switches teams.
- Tank shell is always relevant, so you'll see it if it kills you from a hidden tank.
- Leviathan shield doesn't stay around after death.
- Fixed leviathan passenger beacon positioning.
- Fixed hoverboard rooster tail positioning when traveling over shallow water.
- Fixed flag positioning on tracked turrets.
- Fixed flying Manta exploit.
- Fixed boost exploit with Fury vehicle
- Fixed exploit to damage own core/nodes with rocket turret.

- Added burn trail for link gun beam.
- Weapon pickups now disappear for the player who picked it up, until it can be picked up again (now works like weapon lockers).
- Weapon throwing always enabled.
- Improved force feedback for various weapon and pickup actions.
- Simpler crosshair for instagib rifle.
- Third person translocate sound.
- Stinger now higher priority than flak cannon by default.
- Back splatter decals for hits with sniper rifle, stinger, and enforcer.
- Improved spidermine aiming help on console with hitscan weapons (enforcer, stinger, sniper).
- Fixed enforcer anim problems when become dual during initial loading.
- No ammo display for instagib rifle.
- Improved spidermine herding with Avrils.
- Improved redeemer blast screen shake.
- Spidermines work properly in deathmatch.
- Fixed translocator discs being able to get embedded in geometry with zero extent collision on but box collision off.
- Fixed deployable exploit (run over deployable while firing weapon, get in vehicle while still firing, and never switch to deployable).
- Fixed trans discs getting stuck on instigator's head.
- Fixed redeemer bug where redeemers impacting ceiling sometimes had explosion center imbedded in ceiling, affecting damage dealt.
- Fixed stinger alt-fire stops with 1 ammo.
- Fix for rare stinger shard crash when shard tries to impale two overlapping dead bodies at the same time.
- Fixed fast avril firing exploit.

- Added Drop Flag/Orb command (accessible through voice menu) to get bot teammates to drop the flag they are carrying.
- Improved bot handling of navigation failures, don't stay stuck.
- Bots understand ducking under obstacles with the Darkwalker.
- Bots understand getting off hoverboard to use a lift.
- Adjusted bot new enemy acquistion speed.
- Low skill bots don't slow down if carrying flag.
- Bots understand how to effectively use Orbs in Warfare much better.
- Bots use the hoverboard more effectively.
- Improved bot AI for using Translocator.
- Improved AI for picking best weapon to use.
- Improved AI for Leviathan, including aiming with the leviathan, and navigating the Leviathan.
- Improved AI for using the Hellfire SPMA.
- Improved Scorpion AI for trying to run over enemy foot soldiers and self destruct into big vehicles.
- Improved Manta/Viper AI for trying to run over enemy foot soldiers.
- Improved stealth vehicle deployment AI.
- Improved bots yelling "same team" when player is actually trying to hit nearby enemy.
- Fixed bots not able to get in Darkwalker secondary turret in some cases.
- Fixed bot AI issues in secondary turrets.
- Bots go after countdown nodes if core can't be attacked.
- Fixed bots grabbing orb without getting all the way to orb spawner.
- Improved AI for bots deciding whether to get out of vehicles and continue on foot.
- Automatic fix for not letting bots in vehicles try to go into areas that are blocked for vehicles by turnaroundvolumes.
- Bots are move aggressive about driving vehicles without slowing down too much for slight turns.
- Bots fully understand kismet disabled nodes.
- Improved bot AI for fighting enemies in Slow Fields.
- Improved bot understanding of targeting occluded powernodes.

Demo Recording
- Added support for clientside demo recording.
- Demo playback is now delayed until precaching completes.
- Fixed SPMA camera crash during demo playback.
- Fixed demo playback log spam.
- Added DemoFF and DemoSlomo console commands. Can be bound to a key in UTInput.ini.
DemoFF toggles between 1x, 3.3x, and 10x fast forward.
DemoSlomo takes a float between 0.1 and 10 which adjusts playback speed by that factor.

- Fixed localization of certain networking messages received from different language server.
- Improved dynamic netspeed system based on player counts.
- Improved hoverboard smoothness in net games.
- Friend following now attempts to place friends on the same team.
- Added team balancing between matches.
- Fixed reachspecs occasionally keeping level references across seamless travel, causing levels not to be properly unloaded.
- Increased net priority of movers with viewer based on them. Reduces mover popping in large playercount games.
- Networking bandwidth use optimizations.
- Improved prioritization of actor replication.
- Improved network pawn position update smoothing using mesh translation.
- Tweaked finding floors for simulated falling pawns.
- Yaw and pitch change smoothing for other players on clients.
- Fixed character mesh not getting onto hoverboard right away in high player count games.
- Improved turret replication in high player count games.
- Fixed remaining cases where team color skins weren't being properly set.
- Fixed clients auto-switching to better weapon when they stop firing.
- Don't dynamically adjust listen server client netspeed above max client has requested (for modem clients).
- Make sure all audio components get cleaned up on seamless travel.
- Fixed various exploits.
- Try multiple STUN servers if first one fails. Fixes users incorrectly getting the "Your network configuration may not be compatible..." warning.
- Fixed spectator choppiness when camera is following a player.
- No spectating bar when spectating in first person.

Server Administration
- Removed download speed limitations, when hosting LAN servers.
- Implemented auto-reconnect code for Gamespy uplink and advertising. Servers now continuously try to advertise to the master server upon failure.
- Fixed buggy URL parsing function, which was breaking mutator advertising
- Added code to recreate serveractors after seamless travel
- Fixed case insensitivity issue with admin and game passwords
- Added session banning, with the command: AdminSessionBan
- Security fixes.
- Added config variable 'SpawnProtectionTime' to UTGame.ini.
- Optimized stats sending bandwidth.
- Support `n as \n in MOTD.

- Collision Octree optimizations
- Particle system optimizations
- Safe handling of inversing nil matrices. Addresses rare ragdoll physics crashes.
- Removed unnecessary profile saves, improved saving progress when player expects it.
- Improved Garbage collection performance.
- Optimized decals.
- Warfare Teleporter portal rendering updates are now disabled by default, even for high end systems (for performance reasons).
To enable, add the following to your UTGame.ini file


- Reduced non-warfare teleporter update range if bRealTimeCapture is false.
- Added a dialog warning users of nvidia driver version that are known to crash UT3, and to upgrade.
- Fixed Engine.* localization files being in the wrong location

- Option to allow for custom characters to load at all times (no default characters, but may get hitches when new players join).
- CTF flag is hidden for player carrying it.
- Can no longer teleport to node that is under attack.
- Improved victim death messages (precise cause of death).
- In game types using weaponlockers, players spawn with weapons from nearest weapon locker.
- Fixed scoreboard issues during seamless travel.
- Fixed lifts returning if you jump or get shot while on them.
- Play taunts on upper body only for moving players.
- Fixed black boxes on Leviathan shock balls.
- Fixed lighting on first person spidermine death effect
- Improved code for leaning players which are going around turns.
- Reduced foot jittering on stairs.
- No team change penalty for automatic swaps.
- Improved lighting for characters.
- Reduced mesh offsetting on slopes, removing exploit allowing players to hide.
- Fixed winner pawn rotating after round ends.
- Fixed sender not hearing autotaunts.
- Fixed krall missing footstep sound notifies.
- Fixed bots leaving game affecting TDM team score.
- Fixed bad low LOD meshes (spiky when feigning or dead).
- Fixed gamespy rank query results. Now always properly centers the querying player in the returned list.
- Added GameInfo.bForceNoSeamlessTravel config var to completely disable seamless travel

Mod support
- UTHUD now responsible for drawing player and vehicle beacons, making it easier to support custom beacons for custom game types.
- Added support for stretching IK limbs (see SkelControlLimb.uc).
- Merged PC version script functionality to PS3 to improve mod compatibility for mods on PS3.
- Added spectator notification hooks to Mutator.uc:
- AllowBecomeActivePlayer: Allows mutators to prevent spectators from joining the game
- AllowBecomeSpectator: Allows mutators to block players from spectating (not fully implemented).
- NotifyBecomeActivePlayer: Notifies mutators when a spectator successfully becomes an active player
- NotifyBecomeSpectator: Notifies mutators when a player becomes a spectator (not fully implemented)
- Added two new functions to Object.uc, 'IsNetScript' which returns true if the current code was remotely executed, and 'GetNetFuncName'
which returns the name of the replicated function where script execution began
- Added a new function flag, 'DemoRecording', which replicates the function into the demo file when recording demos
NOTE: Implicitly flags the function as simulated
- Added the ability for mods to specify custom settings scenes, through new values in UTUIDataProvider_GameModeInfo.uc:
- 'ModGameSettingsScene', allows mods to specify a custom settings scene which is accessible through a 'Mod Settings' button
in the Instant Action and Host Game menus
- 'ModClientSettingsScene', allows mods to specify a custom settings scene which is accessible through the main menu settings
page, and the mid game menu settings
- Added ClearConfig and StaticClearConfig functions to Object.uc
- Added team change notification hooks to Mutator.uc
- AllowChangeTeam: Allows mutators to prevent players from changing team
- NotifySetTeam: Notifies mutators when a player successfully changes team
- Added bCanRagdoll flag to UTPawn for mod authors.
- Added slight player glow support for darkmatch (maps with DARKMATCH at start of worldinfo name
- Made UIObject 'ResolveStyles' function accessible to script.
- Added support for loading a Splash.bmp in a mod directory.
- Fixed server browser not being able to filter custom gametypes; in the gametype data provider, set 'GameSearchClass' to: UTGameSearchCustom
- Added code to reinitialize ServerActors after seamless travel
- Added editable 'MouseBounds' property to UIScene, which allows you to configure mouse boundaries for the current scene
- 'MouseBounds.BoundaryObject' is set through the 'Set Mouse Boundary' submenu in the UIEditor context menu
- Also added a selection to the UIEditor View menu, 'Mouse Boundaries Outline', for viewing the current mouse boundaries
- Mouse boundaries can be changed during runtime using 'UIScene::SetMouseBounds' and 'UIScene::ResetMouseBounds'
- Now writes mod config files to mod directory, and auto-find config files in moddir\config or moddir.
- Now autofinds localization files in moddir\localization.
- Now finds splash image in moddir\splash.
- Supports compiling script code with -mod
- Supports publishing with -mod
- Fixed not being able to publish default (startup) map
- No longer copies RefShaderCache files when publishing
- Supports Bink movies in -mod dir (ModDir\Movies)
- Fixed problem with completely overriding UTCustomChar.ini in the mod config directory
- Added -solomod option to restrict game looking in non-loaded .ini files for maps/gametypes/etc
- When using -mod, LocalShaderCache is ignored, instead it uses ModShaderCache*, which can be pre-generated with PrecompileShaders commandlet
- Fixed bug when cooking for PS3 that manta shots are black

Level specific
- Fixed redeemers nopt able to damage power cores in Islander.
- Don't allow disabling of fog volumes. Fixes VCTF-Sandstorm exploit.
- Fixed collision issues in VCTF-Suspense and Suspense_Necris.
- Fixed real-time teleporter portal updates in WAR-Avalanche.
- The old maplist system has been replaced with an entirely new one, which is configured through UTMapLists.ini, this allows mods using
custom .ini files to have map cycles setup from the ingame menus
- To recover the old server maplist settings, you need to open UTGame.ini and go to the [UTGame.UTGame] section, then for each
'GameSpecificMapCycles' entry you need to find (or create) an entry in 'GameProfiles' under [UTGame.UTMapListManager]
in UTMapLists.ini, which has a 'GameClass' value that matches the 'GameClassName' value in 'GameSpecificMapCycles'.

Then you need to find the maplist in UTMapLists.ini which is specified by 'MapListName' value in the 'GameProfiles' entry,
(e.g: [DMMapList UTMapList]), and then you must manually transfer each map name in 'GameSpecificMapCycles' to the maplist
in UTMapLists.ini.

For example, Maps=("DM-Arsenal","DM-Biohazard") in 'GameSpecificMapCycles' would become:
[DMMapList UTMapList]

- Configuration options for [UTGame.UTMapListManager]:
- GameProfiles: This is a list which is used to define custom game type settings (mainly for game voting), options include:
- GameClass: The FULL class name of the gametype, including package name as well as class name (e.g. "UTGame.UTDeathMatch")
- GameName: The name that is displayed on the vote menu when selecting a gametype (e.g. "Deathmatch", "Warfare - No Orbs")
- MapListName: The name of the maplist that this game profile will use (e.g. "WARMapList")
- Options: Additional URL options which are used when switching to this gametype (e.g. "?WarmupTime=60")
- Mutators: Mutators to be loaded for this gametype (e.g. "UTGame.UTMutator_LowGrav,UTGame.UTMutator_Instagi b")
- ExcludedMuts: Mutators which are disallowed for this gametype (e.g. "UTMutator_Instagib,UTMutator_Slomo")
- bIsTeamGame: Specifies whether or not the current gametype is a team game (used internally for game voting)

- MapReplayLimit: The number of matches which must pass before any one map can be played again
- ActiveGameProfileName: The 'GameProfiles' entry which is currently active; mainly used by the game during runtime
- PlayIndex: A value used for keeping track of when maps were last played, represents the total number of games played
- AutoStripOptions: A list of URL options which are automatically removed upon map change (e.g. "LinkSetup")
- AutoEmptyOptions: The same as 'AutoStripOptions', except these options are given an empty value on the URL (e.g. "GoalScore,TimeLimit")

- Configuration options for [UTGame.UTMapList]:
- Maps: The list of maps used by the maplist, options:
- Map: The filename of the map (minus the file extension)
- ExtraData: An array of arbitrary data which can be associated with each maplist entry; mainly used by the game at runtime
- AutoLoadPrefixes: Maps with the prefixes defined here will be automatically added to the maplist (e.g. AutoLoadPrefixes=CTF,VCTF)
- LastActiveMapIndex: The index into the 'Maps' list which was last active; mainly used by the game during runtime

- Added support for midgame voting for maps, game types, and mutators.

- All vote related variables have been moved to UTVote.ini
- To recover the old vote configuration values, you need to open UTGame.ini and go to the [UTGame.UTGame] section, then manually
transfer the vote configuration values to the [UTGame.VoteCollector] section in UTVote.ini; the affected values are:
'bAllowMapVoting', 'VoteDuration' (now 'MapVoteDuration' and 'GameVoteDuration'), 'bMidGameMapVoting' (now 'bMidGameVoting'),
'MapVotePercentage' (now 'MidGameVotePercentage'), 'MinMapVotes' (now 'MinMidGameVotes'), and 'InitialVoteDelay'.

- Added new configuration options 'InitialVoteTransferTime' and 'RushVoteTransferTime'; the first slows down the speed at which vote related
data (e.g. maps, game info) is transferred, to spread out bandwidth usage and prevent lag; the second speeds up the remaining
transfers, for when the client opens the vote menu

- Added gametype voting, allowing players to vote in a different game type before voting for a map (if map voting is enabled). Gametype
configuration is setup in UTMapLists.ini, through 'GameProfiles' under [UTGame.UTMapListManager]; configuration options in UTVote.ini:
- bAllowGameVoting: Enable/Disable gametype voting

- Added mutator voting, allowing players to decide which mutators get enabled/disabled in the next match; configuration options:
- bAllowMutatorVoting: Enable/Disable mutator voting
- VotableMutators: The list used to determine which mutators should be votable, options include:
- MutClass: The FULL class name of the mutator, include package name as well as class name (e.g. "UTGame.UTMutator_Slomo")
- MutName: The name that is displayed on the vote menu for this mutator (e.g. "Instagib", "Low Gravity")
N.B. When left blank, the game will attempt to set this automatically
- MutatorVotePercentage: The percentage of votes required to enable or disable a mutator; percentages are only checked at endgame

- Added kick voting; configuration options:
- bAllowKickVoting: Enable/Disable kick voting
- bAnonymousKickVoting: If true, then the voters name is not shown when performing a kick vote (except to admins)
- MinKickVotes: The minimum number of votes required in order to kick a player
- KickVotePercentage: The percentage of votes required in order to kick a player


(23h16) Dks ah bah je débarque à la fin
(23h12) Dks tient y a les foo fighters en live sur periscope : []
(22h40) Laurent Bon sang, 3 videos sur ME Andromeda sorties et les 3 videos sont sur les combats
(22h33) __MaX__ Je vais passer une update du site dans quelques secondes, paniquez pas si les fonctionnalités de commentaires déconnent un poil : videz votre cache ( CTRL+F5 ou CTRL+R )
(22h27) Dks choo.t > merci o/
(21h40) choo.t Dks > | []
(20h53) Dks par contre je n'irai pas à séparer ça par une pipe.. j'imagine que c'est un terme de codeur et pas d'amitié bucofestive.
(20h50) Dks choo.t > ça va je n'ai que humble
(19h42) choo.t de rafraîchissement pour lire l'info.
(19h40) choo.t papysoupape > c'est pas con, mais je me demande si tout les boîtiers ont les même specs pour les leds, j'imagine que certaine ne supporte pas une telle fréquence. Pareil pour l'exfiltration, leur drone nécessite un capteur avec une très grande fréquence
(19h40) Laurent papysoupape > il faut deja que le virus soit infiltré pour que celui-ci manipule la led
(19h32) choo.t Dks > tu prends la liste de tes sites, tu les sépares par un pipe et tu la compare à la liste des sites touchés, ça prend 2 minutes :)
(19h30) papysoupape en 2017 on arrive a lire le contenu d un hdd avec sa led d activité []
(18h20) Niko Factor n'utilise pas Cloudflare, par contre c'est le cas de notre discord
(18h15) Dks BeatKitano > pfff comment j'ai pas le courage de verif tous les sites où j'ai un compte :s
(16h11) BeatKitano
(16h10) BeatKitano également
(16h08) BeatKitano Cloudflare a potentiellement leaké des millions de mot de passes a divers site.... Donc je vous conseille de changer votre mdp a et puis regarder cette liste... au cas ou: []
Le vertueux
(16h04) Le vertueux J'ai chaud.
(15h26) BeatKitano (13h00) Dks > Parce que tu m'y as refait penser et que j'adore ce remix: []
(15h01) Zakwil Dks > (13h00) c'était juste le top d’assommer les 2 adversaires avec un coup de pied sauté. en vrai je demandais à mon frère de se placer et de plus bouger pour choper le CPU (ia d'avant)
(14h48) Crusing choo.t > c'est pas grave y'a une TV dans la cuisine! (mais pas de lave vaisselle)
(14h40) choo.t Crusing > et encore, faut bien tenir le joycon entre toi et la tv pour jouer à shifumi, sinon ça perd la connection....
(14h05) Crusing Enfin bon... []
(14h02) Crusing *qui ont besoin d'un gadget à 400€ pour jouer à shifumi
(14h01) Crusing Des adultes de 30-40 ans qui choisissent qui fait la vaisselle en jouant à chifoumi dans un moment nutella riant aux éclats, j'ai envie de leur dire qu'un lave vaisselle ça coute 200€.
(13h51) noir_desir Crusing > quoi 400 euros pour choisir qui va faire la vaiselle...
(13h51) Crusing J'ai vu la pub TV fr de la switch hier : "choisissez qui va faire la vaisselle grace à 1, 2, switch". Soit ils ont bcp trop d'humour soit ils ont vraiment trop confiance en leur bouzin.
(13h43) lirian ils ont toujours pas compris comment la magie du 1080p fonctionnait
(13h43) lirian Dragonir > ah parce que t'attendais de NINTENDO, oui NINTENDO, d'être à la pointe de la technique ? :d
(13h35) noir_desir Elle est le pen, elle ne veut pas aller à sa convocation, car c'est la treve électorale, je me demande si les délinquants qu'elles détestent tant diront la même chose. La droite en france est vraiment débile...
Le vertueux
(13h05) Le vertueux Oui ça manque quand même de features, de techniques et de sensations.
(13h04) Dks Le vertueux > je crois que c'était juste débile et que dans mon imaginaire de môme c'était le kiff de donner des coups de lattes.
Le vertueux
(13h01) Le vertueux Dks > Jamais trop apprécié ce jeu perso.
(13h00) Dks Le vertueux > je voudrais bien un remake d'IK+, c'était fnu à 2 joueurs. Bon j'étais jeune, c'est peut-être tout pourrav aujourd'hui.
(12h46) Dragonir Sérieusement Nintendo ? []
(11h06) __MaX__ Laurent > Ils vont se prendre les droits sur les images... C'est gros comme le nez au milieu de la figure
(11h00) Laurent DeviantArt qui se fait racheter par un site de création de site web... wait, what ? []
Le vertueux
(10h10) Le vertueux et puis c'est trop arcade, il n'y a pas de localisation des dégâts !
Le vertueux
(10h09) Le vertueux Moi j'aime les low kick, il n'y en a pas dans ce jeu, c'est du caca.
(10h08) Joule Le vertueux > Tu peux pas dire du mal de ce jeu avec son double coup de poing en grand écart
Le vertueux
(10h07) Le vertueux Un remake de k1 pocket gp 2 plutot, meilleur jeu de combat de tous les temps.
Le vertueux
(10h06) Le vertueux Ah non pas de kung fu Joule de la vrai boxe pied poing, pas de folklore.
(10h05) Joule Le vertueux > Un remake de Yie Ar Kung-Fu ?
(10h04) Joule Sir_carma > Paie ton coup à boire !
Le vertueux
(10h04) Le vertueux Sir_carma > Bien, j'éspère que vous allez bosser sur un jeu de karaté semi arcade sans pouvoir magique.
(10h02) Dks Sir_carma > Gj Gros !
(10h00) Sir_carma Hey les FDP ! Je rejoins Brace Yourself Games (Crypt of the Necrodancer) en tant que full-time Game Artist \o/ woohooo
(09h31) noir_desir choo.t > c'est fou ça, pourtant nitendo sont reconnu pour la qualité de leur matos.... Il l'aurait sorti dans trop de précipitation?
(00h57) choo.t Valve publie le Steam Audio SDK : []
(00h44) choo.t ah, c'est les deux joy-con et la connection sans fil est plus que mauvaise/sensible : [] [] []
(00h32) choo.t Apparemment, le joy-con gauche de la switch souffrirait de déconnexions intempestives , ça va piquer pour Nintendo si ce n'est pas corrigeable via un nouveau firmware.
jeudi 23 février 2017
Le vertueux
(23h46) Le vertueux Quel superbe jeu. Et après on vient me dire que je n'aime plus les jeux vidéos.
Le vertueux
(23h46) Le vertueux Je te conseille best of the best et taekwondo sur snes d'ailleurs. Mais surtout K1 grand prix pocket 2 sur gba.
Le vertueux
(23h45) Le vertueux The Real Phoenix > ^^ hihihi
(23h07) LeGreg C'est un mode de fonctionnement assez fréquent du groupe (ex-)gawker, les gens qui se loguent juste pour corriger c'est du trafic supplémentaire.
The Real Phoenix
(23h03) The Real Phoenix LeGreg > Le pire c'est que toute les touches fonctionnent pour skipper ^^
The Real Phoenix
(23h02) The Real Phoenix Le vertueux > Si j'avais les compétences de programmation pour le faire, je n'aurai pas fait un lapin clone de sonic, mais une simulation de karaté, tu penses bien!
(23h01) LeGreg En même temps press start to play c'est la plaie des jeux PC consolisés :)
Le vertueux
(23h00) Le vertueux J'accuse The Real Phoenix d'avoir créer ce jeu récemment et fait croire que c'était un jeu abandonné il y a 20 ans !
Le vertueux
(22h59) Le vertueux Etonnant quand même que ce jeu soit encore préservé aujourd'hui, qu'il n'ait pas complètement disparus.
The Real Phoenix
(22h49) The Real Phoenix LeGreg > Mais clair. En plus ca censure sec dans les commentaires. :)
(22h46) LeGreg MrPapillon > The Real Phoenix > Cette tempête dans un verre d'eau encore :/
(22h34) choo.t Mimyke > ptitbgaz > L'écran d'accueil n'été pas présent à la base, c'est plus un ajout qu'une modif.
(21h25) MrPapillon On peut offrir l'asile politique à The Real Phoenix ? Vu la tronche du scandale, y a moyen que la grande partie des trolls réservistes US s'intéresse à lui.
(21h07) Crusing kmplt242 > Bein il a un grosse audience d'ado, et puis c'est peut etre son kiff de faire comme ce qu'il écoutait ado j'en sais rien, après je suis pas spécialement ses streams.
(20h58) Mimyke ptitbgaz > Il a juste modifié le header interne et l'écran d’accueil. Pas de quoi fouetter un chat, donc.
(20h47) ptitbgaz The Real Phoenix > Si je comprend bien, t'as dégoter une rom non sortie de SNES dont tu as légèrement modifié le code pour ne pas qu'on remonte pas jusqu'à ta source ? C'est quoi ces modifs ? Je suis pas fluent en anglishe...
(20h32) kmplt242 Sans parler de ses feat. Julien C
(20h32) kmplt242 Crusing > Je trouve Benzaie de plus en plus detestable depuis qu'il stream beaucoup. Et surtout ses plans -18 dignes de doc et difool.
The Real Phoenix
(20h30) The Real Phoenix Et ma reponse dans à article a bien sur été censuré! ^^
(20h13) choo.t La réponse de The Real Phoenix que Kotaku n'a pas publié dans son intégralité : []
(20h10) choo.t En gros, le mec de Kotaku chie dans la colle pour un écran titre, alors que tout le rest du jeu est à l'identique.
(20h03) choo.t The Real Phoenix > Pour les flemmards : []
(19h58) GTB Le vertueux > Pour le coup c'est pas si différent que le sucre en fait. C'est pas parce tu file du sucre à ton gosse qu'il va choper le cancer. C'est à risque.
The Real Phoenix
(19h17) The Real Phoenix Ha ha l'Article de kotaku sur Quik que j'ai trouvé est formidable!
(19h15) miniblob Après mon expertise ne va pas au-delà des trois ans, et à cet âge là l'excitation ça se traduit vite par taper n'importe quoi...
Le vertueux
(19h08) Le vertueux miniblob > Tu confonds agité et violent.
(19h07) Crusing Non mais ça en fait peut etre des voyous en blouson en jean sans manche qui jette des poubelles sur les gens et qui mange du gigot à même le trottoir pour améliorer leur santé.
(19h04) miniblob Ca veut pas dire que les jeux de baston font forcément des gamins des sociopathes ultra violents.
(19h03) miniblob La notion de bon ou mauvais est tout relatif en matière d'éducation, ça dépend ce que tu veux transmettre.Je suis plutôt porté sur la non-violence et je constate que mes enfants sont plus calmes s'ils me voient jouer à Abzu plutôt qu'à un jeu de baston.
(19h01) Crusing Le vertueux > Le mieux pour etre sur c'est de le forcer à regarder Mr Pickles avec le son très fort, et en lui injectant du coca directement avec une sonde.
(18h58) Crusing miniblob > Oui mais là c'est plus un problème de l'exposer à de la violence, plutot à un mauvais jeu, ou à un multi d'abrutis aux voix aigues.
Le vertueux
(18h58) Le vertueux C'est surtout le rapport entre comportement et jeux violents à bas âge. Beaucoup d'hypothèses et de croyances traditionnelles assez peu argumentées. Finalement donner du sucre à son gosse est peut être bien pire que de le faire jouer à gta.
(18h57) miniblob N'empêche que je laisserai pas mes gosses toucher à un CoD (exemple tout à fait pris au hasard...) avant que l'adolescence ne les titille.
(18h56) miniblob Vos objections sont fondées, je dois être un poil embourbé dans un ethnocentrisme temporel qui me fait dire un truc du genre "la violence, c'est plus ce que c'était !"
(18h53) choo.t Crusing > (18h44) Exactement.
Le vertueux
(18h47) Le vertueux GTB > Heu oui, tu n'as pas le droit de cracher par terre par exemple, mais ça n'est pas vraiment le sujet, si ?
(18h47) choo.t miniblob > La violence d'une oeuvre n'est pas estompée par sa qualité technique, sinon le discourt de ton gosse à ses gosses, sera que de son temps les jeux n’étaient même pas en VR, donc il ressentait bien moins la violence que dans COD 25 VR édition.
(18h46) Crusing LeGreg > on ets loin de Totally Accurate Battle Simulator
(18h44) Crusing choo.t > Et Sade ce ne sont que des mots.
(18h43) choo.t miniblob > (18h02) non mais si on part comme ça, rien n'est violent, La Nouvelle Justine ce n'est que du papier, Men Behind the Sun a des effets spéciaux datés, Doom est un ama de pixels et Rapelay n'utilise même pas de physically-based rendering.
(18h42) LeGreg "ultimate epic battle simulator" : []
(18h40) GTB Le vertueux > Je pense qu'il voulait juste dire que interdits et règles font partie de la construction d'un gosse. Je suis assez d'accord.
Le vertueux
(18h30) Le vertueux (18h10) miniblob > ça n'est pas que c'est vieux jeu, c'est juste que pédagogiquement c'est un peu faible.
(18h28) Crusing miniblob > "En ce moment je parierais que tu t’imagines déjà que tu suces ma bite au rythme des coups de fouet de mes couilles sur ta gueule"
(18h24) miniblob Crusing > Nan je me respecte, je m'inspire seulement du porno vieille école avec des poils et des jeux de mots cheloux.
(18h20) Crusing (17h47) miniblob > Ha! et aujourd'hui tu fais des talc à base de tags de pron!
(18h10) miniblob Après vous avez le droit de dire que je suis vieux jeu avec ces histoires de règles et de transgression, mais j'assume mieux mon côté réac depuis que j'ai pondu ma marmaille.
(18h03) miniblob C'est pour ça que je prends l'exemple du cinéma, perso je me cachais pour voir des films d'horreur, et mon frère s'est pris une chasse quand mes parents ont appris qu'il m'en montrait.