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L'Empire des bugs contre-attaque

CBL par CBL,  email  @CBL_Factor
Comme tout prématuré, le pauvre Empire : Total War est fragile et tombe souvent malade. Il tousse, il crashe et il délire. Le Tamiflu n'est pas efficace pour le soigner. Il lui faut un bon gros patch. Ce ne sera sûrement pas le dernier.

Crash Fixes
Fixed crash when disbanding generals unit
Fix for crash on trying to merge ships from port into ships next to port
Fixed rare crash relating to boarding
Fixed crash to do with reinforcing armies
Fixed crash on revolution video attempting to play
Fixed crash for double clicking on sinking ship on campaign map
Fix for crash on merging units but moving into fort before army arrives
Fixed several crashes related to rakes
Fixed crashes relating to battles when running Czech or German versions of the game
Fixed crash on moving army into region of faction player has military access and then cancelling military access
Fixed crash on trying to exchange ships between 2 fleets
Fixed crash on spamming move orders to puckle guns locked in melee combat
Fixed hard lock on inviting host to their own MP game
Fix to prevent loading of mod causing crash post patch
Various end turn crash bugs fixed
Fixes to crash bugs relating to completion of revolutions
Some fixes relating to merging and disbanding
Fix for several crashes in land battles
Several crashes relating to attacking cities fixed
Several load save game crashes fixed

Armies now placed correctly on battlefields in relation to campaign
Fix for nearby ships sometimes not being included as reinforcements for battles
Fix for incorrect numbers sometimes showing on trade routes
Units with limits on how many can be recruited now show how many are available
Various fixes relating to rakes and infiltrating
Fixes relating to problems moving armies/merging into army's right next to settlements
Various trade bug fixes
Fix for moving agent from settlement moving army instead of agent
Fix for several bugs relating to military access and armies being in regions
Fix for tattered flags appearing on fleet/armies even when at full strength/fully repaired
Fix for sallying out armies breaking siege at times even when losing the battle
Fix for bugs relating to capturing ships on returning to campaign map from naval battle

Land Battle
Improvements to path finding have been made
Some fixes to units not garrisoning buildings
Fort gate ownership made clearer with faction flags appearing at the gatehouse
Fix for problem relating to artillery unlimbering after being ordered to limber
Fix for puckle guns moving on their own in some circumstances
Fix for big slowdown in unit movement on some battle maps in the Road to Independence episodes
Fix for missile cavalry not reloading when out of combat
Jaegers now have muskets instead of incorrect rifles, Prussian Jaegers keep rifles
Quebec episodic land battle fixed ground type in deployment area
Fix for unrealistic numbers when ending a land battle by quitting on the battle results screen

Naval Battle
Several fixes for ships clipping into each other
Improvements to boarding have been made. Crew is more fluid in attack and more resolute in defence. Men survive long fall and officers join in the boarding attack
Crew uniforms improved to make identification of the crew type and faction easier
Defending ship is not allowed to fire cannons anymore during boarding procedure
Improved naval grouping UI and group movement made
Improvements made to ship collisions to reduce chance of ships getting stuck
Fix for sail damage not being shown when volumetric effects turned on

Various fixes for joining games/game lobby issues
Fixes for problems relating to spectators being kicked/locking up on other players joining games in certain instances
Long riflemen and winged hussars removed from early era battles
Fix for insufficient funds always showing on unit cards even when enough money is available
Player name is now displayed on unit tooltips
Team chat is now displayed in a different colour

Basic fix for AI being unable to move army by fleet
Aggression of factions in campaign improved, as well as tweaks to diplomacy
Improvements to campaign AI relating to its waging of wars, recruitment and movement of armies
Improvements made to battle AI to make it more reactive, use buildings better as well as squares and rakes
Siege battle AI improvements made
Improvements to naval AI to make it bunch up less, its use of galleys and long range units such as bomb ketches

Delete save game button added to save game list
View replays button added to single player Play Battle menu
Various sound fixes and improvements
Various incorrect text messages fixed
Fixes to various graphical glitches with display of walls
Fixes made for stuttering videos
Fix for several game option settings not being saved correctly, including settings such as floating flags
Fix for unit voices/attack confirmation being heard for all units in an alliance instead of just for the player’s army
Armour and shield values are now added into melee defence value shown on unit cards
Lots of other small and minor bug fixes

Land unit recruitment cost in campaign has been increased, with higher cost on higher difficulty level
Ship recruitment and upkeep costs have been increased in campaign
Various balancing and cost adjustments to improve multiplayer land battle balance
Ship costing improvements made for both campaign and multiplayer
Economic tweaks have been made to campaign to reduce amount of money made in later part of campaign

Extra Note
We are aware of an issue with community created maps that results in a crash when someone without the map tries to join the game. This crash will be fixed in the next patch
Further work is being done on improving AI Naval invasion behaviour and this will be included in the next upgrade patch
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