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Patch Starfleet Command

Arnaud par Arnaud,  email  @drsynack
Les capitaines de Starfleet qui nous lisent seront heureux d'apprendre que le dernier (et pas mauvais) épisode de leur simulateur favori de classes Sovereign ou Akira est doté aujourd'hui d'un refit en la personne binaire d'un patch beta en version 1.01 (531). De nombreux bugs sont corrigés (la liste après le lien), mais attendez quand même une version finale avant d'installer quoique ce soit si vous avez des doutes.

  • Mirroirs du patch et instructions

  • Fixes included in all builds from SFC3 Patch version 1.01 build 500 up to SFC3 Patch version 1.01 build 531:

    1) De-Borgified 4th race no longer gets free hull repair.
    2) Switch put in to enable random missions when enemy is present in hex.
    3) 60sec max wait time for mission start (up from 40).
    4) The only change *should* be the glows being enabled for de-Borgified 4th race.
    5) Banking ships for the Borg Slot.
    6) New .gf setting which allows turning off of Borg regen armor. This is in the file at the bottom listed as:


    When this is set to 0, it will essentially turn the Borg into a "normal" race. Their hull will no longer regenerate. Their ships will bank, they will have to pay for repairs and they will have shield glows. This option is for modders who wish to replace the Borg with another race

    7) Officers not recovering from injuries - fixed.
    8) Cheat: using universal star base warp engines in starships giving massive amounts of power - fixed.
    9) Large number of starships in base and planetary missions cause lag - reduced number of defense ships but made them larger on average.
    10) Klingon disruptors will miss a ship going at warp - fixed.
    11) Increased proximity torpedo bonus from 20% to 30%.
    12) Crash: Klingon first mission crashes when you attack the uninhabited planet - fixed.
    13) Allied AI ships are not in a human fleet at the start of a mission - fixed.
    14) Warp core too vulnerable - fixed.
    15) Triple shot is not happening enough - fixed
    16) Plasma Torpedoes do not hit often enough - fixed
    17) Romulan medium and heavy plasma torpedoes fire triple too much - fixed
    18) Romulan triple shot never hits with all three - fixed
    19) Dynaverse - Lieutenant Commander rank needs t be abbreviated to Lt. Cmdr - fixed.
    20) Cinematic Campaign End movies do not play - fixed.
    21) Dynaverse - Player can get head start on opponent at start of game - fixed.
    22) If two allied races had a successful co-op mission with the same Victory result in a neutral hex, the result would be a draw - fixed.
    23) Pirate's have the same map color has the Federation - fixed.
    24) Downgrading your ship, or removing components from it, while the server setting "CanBenefitFromDowngrade=1" is set in the file causes both your lifetime and current prestige to go up, instead of just your current prestige. This causes the player to stop being promoted if their lifetime prestige exceeds that needed for the next rank - fixed.
    25) Star date "Freezes" when restarting using a saved game - fixed.
    26) Confusing Text "...ship is of a higher class and can't join your fleet" - fixed.
    27) Your AI Fleet-Members can Decline you from Joining in a Battle - fixed.
    28) Borg Base Fast Cutting Beams Charging at Slow Rate - fixed.
    29) Failing a scan or distress call mission in a neutral hex causes the hex to flip to the player anyway - fixed
    30) AI does not repair non-weapon systems - fixed.
    31) Planets named U.S.S. or IKV etc. - fixed.
    32) Neutral planets in empire hex do not turn to Player's Empire - fixed.
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