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Mod Sawyer, c'est l'Amérique...

CBL par CBL,  email  @CBL_Factor
Même si fondamentalement faire un jeu post-apo dans le désert n'est pas l'idée du siècle car on voit mal la différence entre avant et après, Fallout New Vegas est un putain de bon jeu, peut être le meilleur JDR de cette génération.

Le jeu est patché, les DLC sont sortis... Bref, tout le monde est passé à autre chose. Sauf son lead designer, J.E. Sawyer, qui avait envie de changer quelques trucs. Du coup il a bossé dans son coin et a sorti son propre mod pour le jeu. Il faut le jeu original et tous les DLC pour l'installer.

Ca corrige et modifie plein de trucs et globablement ça rend le jeu bien plus costaud.

JSawyer - Release Notes 12.28.11


This is a general difficulty tweak and bug fix mod. The goal was to make the game more challenging and to fix a bunch of the more obvious balance
and .esm incompatability issues. A full list of changes is below.

*~ *~ READ THIS ~* ~*

* I do not grant permission for this mod to be released from or hosted on any site other than
* Requires core F:NV .esm and all DLCs: Dead Money, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues, Lonesome Road, Gun Runners' Arsenal, and Courier's Stash.
* Put jsawyer.esp in your Data folder. No additional files are required, but...
* Requires a load order manager such as Fallout Mod Manager. jsawyer.esp must be loaded after the core .esm and all DLC .esms.
* Will probably conflict with some of your 10,000 other mods. Sorry.
* I avoided anything that involved heavy scripting because I am bad at scripting and didn't want to blow everything up.
* I didn't add any huge new things because that wasn't really the point of the mod.
* This is not official and it's not a patch. If it disintegrates your game, do a Kareem and skyhook the .esp into your Recycle Bin.
* I played with this mod for about 20 hours. That's the extent of its testing. Really. BEWARE.



* fPCBaseHealthMult set from 2.0 to 0.5 (quartering initial player health)
* fAVDHealthEnduranceMult set from 20 to 15
* Stimpak Weight set to 0.25
* Super Stimpak Weight set to 0.5
* MFCs weight lowered from 0.1 to 0.05 (Optimized to 0.033)
* SECs weight lowered from 0.0780 to 0.03 (Optimized to 0.02)
* ECPs weight lowered from 0.025 to 0.02 (Optimized to 0.013)
* Automatic Rifle Min Spread lowered from 2.5 to 1.6
* Automatic Rifle VATS attack set to Long Bursts
* K9000 Cyberdog Gun Mentat Chow RoF increase lowered from 0.4 to 0.2
* K9000 Cyberdog Gun and FIDO ejection set to .357 Magnum and .44 Magnum cases, respectively
* Cowboy, Grunt damage bonuses reduced from 25% to 20%
* Tin Grenade recipe no longer requires Mad Bomber
* Sprtel-Wood 9700 Health raised from 1000 to 2000
* Multiplas Rifle Health raised from 50 to 150
* Tesla Cannon Health raised from 80 to 160
* Tesla-Beaton Prototype Health raised from 40 to 120
* Elijah's Jury-Rigged Tesla Cannon Health raised from 30 to 100
* LAER Health raised from 75 to 125
* Elijah's Advanced LAER health raised from 50 to 90
* Plasma projectile speed raised from 7500 to 15000
* Q35 projectile speed raised from 17000 to 32000
* Plasma Caster projectile speed raised from 20000 to 25000
* Plasma Caster Health raised from 80 to 125
* Riot Gear Helmets (all) changed from Heavy to Light
* Lightweight Metal Armor and Metal Armor given 10 DR
* Metal Armor, Reinforced given 12 DR
* Gecko-Backed Metal Armor given 13 DR
* Gecko-Backed Metal Armor, Reinforced given 15 DR
* Remnants Power Armor given 35 DR
* NCR Salvaged Power Armor given 20 DR
* T-45d Power Armor and Brotherhood given 25 DR
* T-51b Power Armor and Brotherhood given 30 DR
* Scorched Sierra Power Armor given 20 DR
* Armor of the 87th Tribe given 18 DR
* Gannon Family Tesla Armor given 25 DR
* Recon Armor given 10 DR
* Combat Armor given 8 DR
* Combat Armor, Reinforced given 11 DR
* Combat Armor, Reinforced Mk. 2 given 12 DR
* NCR Trooper Armor (all variants) given 5 DR
* Riot Gear given 12 DR
* Advanced Riot Gear given 13 DR
* Elite Riot Gear given 14 DR
* US Army Combat Armor given 15 DR
* Christine's COS Recon Armor given 12 DR
* Desert Ranger Combat Armor given 13 DR
* NCR Ranger Patrol Armor given 8 DR
* NCR Ranger Combat Armor given 12 DR
* Legion Centurion Armor given 9 DR
* Legion Vexillarius Armor given 7 DR
* Marked Men Trooper Armor given 3 DR
* Marked Men Tribal Armor given 4 DR
* Marked Men Patrol Armor given 5 DR
* Boone's upgraded armors changed to Medium (were Heavy), given 8 DR
* Junk Rounds recipes adjusted to create larger batches of junk rounds instead of normal rounds.
* .45 Auto Junk Round and recipe created.
* 12.7mm Junk Round recipe created.
* All Junk Round values set to 0.
* Dehydration, Sleep Deprivation, and Starvation Rates all halved (twice as fast)
* Base healing of Doctor's Bag/Rad Away halved
* Fire Bomb set to explode on impact
* Fire Bomb explosion damage set to 50, burn damage set to 9/sec for 15 secs
* Created Fire Bomb recipe
* Katana Equip/Unequip sounds changed to sword sounds

* Automatic Rifle, Bozar added to Grunt weapons list
* Police Pistol added to Cowboy weapons list
* All Junk rounds added to respective ammo lists

* fKarmaModKillingEvilActor from 100 to 5
* fKarmaModKillingVeryEvilActor from 2 to 30
* Colonel Moore Alignment changed from Neutral to Evil
* Colonel Hsu Alignment changed from Neutral to Good
* Dam Centurion Alignments changed from Evil to Neutral
* Doctor Usanagi Alignment changed to Very Good
* Dixon Alignment changed from Neutral to Very Evil
* Jean-Baptiste Cutting Alignment changed from Neutral to Very Evil
* Gloria Van Graff Alignment changed from Neutral to Very Evil
* Alice McLafferty Alignment changed from Neutral to Evil
* Alice McBride Alignment changed from Neutral to Good
* Squatter Alignments changed from Neutral to Good
* The King's Alignment changed from Neutral to Good
* Contreras' Alignment changed from Neutral to Evil
* Westside Citizens and Militia Alignments changed from Neutral to Good
* Gomorrah Prostitutes Alignments changed from Neutral to Good
* 1E Junkies' Alignments changed from Neutral to Good
* Michelle and Samuel's Alignments changed from Neutral to Good

* Base Carry Weight lowered from 150 to 50
* 20 Ga 3/0 Buck and 12 Ga 4/0 Buck damage bonuses (from base buckshot) added
* Strong Back benefit lowered from 50 to 25
* Hoarder benefit lowered from 25 to 15, minimum weight lowered to 75 from 160.

* All Power Armor enchantments have an Increase Carry Weight effect equal to the weight of the armor, with the condition of HasPerk PowerArmorTraining or GetIsID for Veronica, Arcade, or Christine
* NCR Salvaged Power Armor weight lowered to 28
* Power Armor flags disabled on all Power Armor and Helmets (no longer explicitly requires PA training)

* iMaxCharacterLevel lowered from 30 to 15 (making total max character level 35)
* All granted XP halved for all levels of difficulty.

* Sturdy Caravan Shotgun spread lowered from 4 to 1.8, AP cost lowered from 27 to 19
* Increased Armored Vault 13/21 Jumpsuit Health from 100 to 200.

* Laser Pistol (+GRA variant) DAM/Crit DAM from 12 to 16. Now displays bonus crit chance (though this message disappears with mods).
* 9mm Pistol DAM/Crit DAM from 16 to 18. Maria from 20 to 23.
* Silenced .22 Pistol DAM from 9 to 12. Crit DAM from 18 to 30. Health from 100 to 350. FoV from 65 to 55.
* Silenced .22 SMG DAM from 10 to 11. Crit DAM from 20 to 26. FoV from 60 to 45.
* .357 Revolver FoV from 65 to 50, Lucky from 55 to 45
* 9mm Pistol FoV from 65 to 60, Maria from 55 to 50.
* Laser Pistol (+GRA variant) FoV from 65 to 55.
* Laser Rifle health from 125 to 300. Now displays bonus crit chance (though this message disappears with mods).
* Recharger Rifle now displays bonus crit chance.
* AER14 Prototype now displays bonus crit chance. Health from 100 to 200.
* Laser RCW FoV from 65 to 50.
* Armored Vault 21 Jumpsuit now available from Sarah Weintraub's store.
* Armored Vault 13 and 21 Jumpsuits now use RepairVaultSuit, which now includes all F:NV base Vault Suits.
* Armored Vault 21 Jumpsuit now grants +1 LK, has 12 DT, costs 2000.
* NPC loot will drop fewer purified waters (vs. dirty waters) in general.
* Sunset Sarsasparilla now restores 25 H2O, but only 12 health.
* Base Nuka Cola now restores 25 H2O, but only 13 health. Other Nuka Colas also restore 25 H2O.
* Rum & Nuka no longer affects H2O.
* Purified and Dirty water restores 10 health (as before), but over 10 seconds instead of over 5 seconds.

* All Pre-Order Special Armor and Weapons set to drastically reduced values.
* Pre-Order Lightweight Leather is now +10 Sneak.
* Pre-Order Tribal Raiding armor now 6 DT, +20% Poison Resist, +5 Survival.
* Vault 13 Canteen Effect now occurs every 7.5 minutes instead of every 5.
* 10mm Pistols' FoV reduced from 65 to 60.
* Created Stimpak, Expired to take the place of the more common Stimpak drops
* Created Stimpak, Homemade to take the place of workbench-created Stims. Includes -1 PE for 18 seconds (as Healing Powder).
* Adjusted Stimpak random lists to favor 4:1 Expired to normal Stimpaks.
* Set ordinary Stimpaks to heal 20 (base)
* Pre-Order pack consumable numbers adjusted (e.g. fewer 40mm Grenades, more Throwing Spears).
* H2O, FOD, and SLP thresholds pushed back. The first comes later (400), but subsequent levels come more quickly (150 intervals).
* Set Doc Mitchell's Chemistry Set to give Homemade Stimpaks
* Mercenary's Pack now gives ordinary Stims instead of Super Stims
* Barton Thorn now carries a Plasma Pistol + ECs, his class is now JSawyerWastelandTechSalvager, with EW Tagged.
* Johnny/Johnny's stand-in now carry a 65% CND Recharger Rifle.
* Created a pack of "Deranged Bright Followers" near Wolfhorn Point, armed with Tier 1/Tier 2 Energy Weapons.

* Recharger Rifle weight halved (15 to 7.5).
* Recharger Pistol weight from 7 to 4.5. Crit rate to 1.5 (as Rifle), now displayed as well.
* Set all Powder Ganger factions to Evil to prevent karma loss for stealing from them.
* All random NPC food and drink drops set to dramatically lower rates (25 = 5%, 50 = 10%, 75 = 20%). Also affects many containers.

* LLCLCenturionMeleeWeapons leveled list had Sledgehammer added as default/level 1 weapon, Fire Axe as level 12 weapon.
* VFactionSquadLegionVeteranArmor, CondLegionArmorVeteranAll set from level 15 to 1, CondLegionArmorCenturionAll set from level 1 to 15
* CondLegionArmorCenturionAll removed from VFactionSquadLegionPraetorianArmor
* Legion Assassin low-level gear lists thinned out/cleaned up overall to prevent odd low-level drops (see above).
* Sensor Module added to ClutterToolBoxLow
* Sensor Modules and Cherry Bombs drop rate tripled on VendorMisc list

* Created Sierra Madre vending machine recipe and note for Microfusion Cells (produces 6). Oooh! Where could it be?!
* Moved .357 Magnum Sierra Madre vending machine recipe to the desk immediately outside the contraband room door in the Police Station.
* PrewarMoney VAL changed from 10 to 2.
* All (known) Feral Ghouls set to Neutral alignment
* fMoveHeavyArmorPenalty from 0.15 to 0.1 (10% speed penalty instead of 15%)
* fMoveMediumArmorPenalty from 0.075 to 0.05 (5% speed penalty instead of 7.5%)
* fMove2HBigPenalty and fMove2HRPenalty from 0.1 to 0.05 (5% speed penalty instead of 10%)
* Alcohols set to restore 10-15 H2O instead of damaging H2O.
* Laser Rifle beam splitter dropped to (properly) create only one additional beam.
* Recurring Sierra Madre "Big Bonus" voucher (after NVDLC01 completion) replaced with +25 chips as an economy-preserving measure.
* Gold Bar value dropped from 10547 to 3500 as an economy-preserving measure.
* Rushing Water attack speed bonus dropped from 50% to 20%.
* Stealth Suit Mk II given 9 points of DR
* A Light Shining in Darkness added to Religious Weapons challenge in GRA.
* Various missed adult Mojave Deathclaws added to Deathclaw Pro Hunter list.

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