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CBL par CBL,  email  @CBL_Factor
Vous commencez à connaître la musique : il y a un nouveau gros patch pour Supreme Commander 2 et deux nouveaux videoblogs pour Kings and Castles. On y voit pas mal de choses comme les formations, un des rois, l'arbre des technologies... Le jeu ressemble de plus en plus à un Supreme Commander 2 médiéval.

Supreme Commander 2 est d'ailleurs en promo ce week-end sur Steam. Il ne coûte plus que $10,99/€16,49.

Skirmish Save/Load. Skirmishes can now be saved in game using the Menu > Save Game Function. Skirmish saves can be loaded while in a skirmish game or from the main menu under Skirmish > Load Saved Game.
Players who have been eliminated in a skirmish or multiplayer game, but have remaining allies that are all AI, will be set as an observer will full map view, and may exit normally at their discretion.
AI Engineers and Land Scout platoons will now execute optimized pathing (performance improvement).
A user friendly version number will now be shown at the top of replay files. Replays that do not have the matching version number of the build will generate a “failed to load” message.
The default folder for save games, replays, screenshots and log files has been updated to \My Documents\My Games\Square Enix\Supreme Commander 2\.
Added redundant checking on games returned by Steam in matchmaking. This check ensures that the game fits within the filters specified for Steam. Previously old data could be called when rapidly narrowing a search.
Illuminate Bodaboom aura range now displays as a weapon range.

Fixed condition where the first player leaving a multiplayer game would stop automated replay recording.
Further refinement of search filtering for ranked. It was possible that someone could join a ranked game because they met the criteria when they initiated the search, but then narrowed their search and no longer met that criteria. We now check for this case and reject the connection.
Fix for most common case of players getting in an unable to join state when closing a multiplayer game from a lobby.
Artillery Weapon Range boost will now correctly affect Long Range Artillery, increasing its range.
Fix for AI violation of Research build condition.
Fix for AI not building enough research stations.
Fix for AI not building enough factories late game.
Fix for Naval AI not building a Naval factory at all, and for secondary condition of not building them outside its starting base location.
Fix for uncommon case of units not doing anything when running away.
Fix for AI Land platoons not running away.
Fix for AI not properly utilizing the Noah Unit Cannon and Carriers for building.
Fix for Defensive builders going to the wrong task state when they fail to find a build position.

Balance and Tuning
Engineers will no longer circumvent assist mitigation when ordered to assist open ground.
AI has improved seeking/hunting capability against hidden commanders.
AI will only build Artillery/TML in their base if they have enemy structures in range.
AI will build more generators after they have a Mass Converter (or the research for the Cybrans).
AI will normally only build shields in their bases when there are structures there to protect.
AI will not build excess mass extractors.
Illuminate ACU Energy Income Boost research decreased to +200%, was +300%. Decreasing Mass Income Boost to+250%, was +400.
Decreased Rate of Fire on Illuminate flares by 33%.
Added a 25 second rebuild time when the Proto-Brain is destroyed. Added a Cybran Proto-Brain crash damage of 2000.
Increased minimum radius on Long Range Artillery to 150, was 50.

Known Issues
Replays cannot be created from a game that has been loaded from a Skirmish save, the UI does not currently reflect this. Although it appears to save, it does not, and the “Replay LastGame” feature will actually play the last valid replay.
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