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C'est un roc ! C'est un pic ! C'est un patch ! Que dis-je, c'est un patch ? C'est une péninsule !

CBL par CBL, d'après Civ Fanatics  email  @CBL_Factor
121 Mo de patch et une liste de changements longue comme les dents d'un dirigeant d'EADS, voilà le programme du jour pour Civilization IV Beyond The Sword. Comme d'habitude, il se télécharge automatiquement en lançant une partie internet ou manuellement chez Firaxis.


Cristo Redentor allows 1 turn between civics changes, not zero turns.
Attack Sub: 30 strength, 7 moves, 180 cost
Destroyers also upgrade to Missile Cruisers
Customs House and Feitoria give +100% Foreign trade route income
Reduced inflation and better normalized it with game speed
Inflation no longer increases after the game time limit has been reached
Adjusted corporation maintenance for inflation
Corporation Headquarters give 4 gold per corporation city to balance corporation immunity to inflation
Spies downgrade towns, hamlets, and villages instead of completely destroying them
Military Science moved to Renaissance
Can't vote on a winner if one team already has all the votes necessary to win
Updated Apostolic Palace civilopedia text to show that all members receive the religious building production bonus, unless they defy a resolution.
Revised liberation formula
- Fixes exploit of infinite unit generation through city liberation

Liberation no longer provides free units to non-vassals
Cities no longer auto-liberate on conquest except from a vassal to a master
Colonies no longer can be the same civ as an existing one
Colony gets all of prior owner's culture on the entire continent
Can no longer make a colony on a continent with an existing colony. Liberate cities instead.
Great Works brings city out of revolt, as before BTS
Unlimited Corporation Executives now allowed
Invisible units no longer get bumped when an enemy occupies the same tile.
Can no longer build forts in rival territory
Can no longer blockade from within your own cultural borders
Spread culture espionage mission increases your culture by 5% of the total culture in the city
Vassals can no longer use spies against their master (active missions)
Espionage Poison Water and Unhappiness amounts no longer incorrectly scale with game speed
Added minimal conscription ability to all gunpowder and melee units that didn't previously have it
- Prevents situation where you can't draft when you can build SAM Infantry but not Infantry

Rival spies no longer count as friendly units for nuke attacks
Blockading consumes all remaining movement
Blockade is canceled when unit does something other than blockade
Blitz promotion available to ships
Frigate, Ship of the Line, and East Indiaman bombardment ignores walls and Castles
Colony maintenance capped at twice the distance maintenence
All teams get espionage points against a newly formed Colony.
Fighters no longer get experience points for shooting down units that cannot defend (paratroopers)
Paratroopers have 25% evasion chance


Fixed bug causing AI units to sit around outside cities.
AI now knows how to use Steal Tech and Incite Revolt
AI's may choose to concentrate on large espionage missions (like steal tech and sabotage project)
AI uses spies more smartly (camps them in cities to get the discount)
AI values espionage buildings more
Barbarian uprising events spawn more aggressive barbarians
Fixed issue with AI war planning
Capitulation to a team that has not had the most success in a war is less likely
AI espionage tweak
AI more likely to promote siege units with Accuracy
AI has a better understanding of when to build early Wonders for non-Normal game speeds
AI civs that are close to Domination victory are more likely to declare war
AI close to domination population have a high priority for health buildings and techs
AI is less reluctant to raze cities that have its state religion if it doesn't have the shrine
AI uses espionage to destroy non-resource terrain improvements - such as Towns.
Increased likelihood of the AI stealing techs
On non-aggressive AI, the AI's are more aggressive early in the game.
AI trains more units early in the game
Revised AI bribe into war cost
AI does better job of bribing other AI's
AI spends less on Espionage.
AI trains spies with lower priority
AI better aware of Free Market / Environmentalism corporation impact
Exploring units now heal.
Fixed some issues which hampered or stalled AI early game expansion.
Tweaks to Governor, particularly "Emphasize Food"
Fixed an undefended cities issue
Slight tweak to the AI selection of HQ city when founding a corp
Governor fills the food bar better
Governor works hamlets over cottages.
Fixed bug where city governor would sometimes work sub-optimal tiles
Fixed some AI war preparation issues
Fixed AI problem of not training workers in extremely unhealthy city sites
AI postpones sneak attack plans after a forced peace treaty
Fixed AI scouting so that they don't get stuck going back and forth
AI always accepts liberated cities through diplomacy
Automated corporation spreading no longer tries to spread corporation where it cannot be spread
Automated workers assigned to connect the trade network no longer do other things.
AI attitude for voting for/against them in elections decays faster
Fixed an AI issue with amphibious invasions
Fixed AI seaborne corporation spreading bug
Fixed AI using citizens instead of better specialists
Fixed a bug in AI hurry production decision
AI now knows how to build a new palace to reduce colony maitenance.
AI no longer suicides Paratroopers into certain death by intercepting Fighters
Fixed AI gifting units to the wrong player upon empire split
Fixed AI tech purchasing in advanced start
Fixed a bug where AI proposed resolutions that it should never have been voting for


Added ability to override modular XML loading in mod ini file
Improved Espionage screen (by Almightix)
Added city zoom to event popup
Exposed CvCity::AI_AvoidGrowth() to Python
Added ability to save cities, improvements, and resources as nifs from in game
Added improved copper resource (for performance)
Skinned geometries can now be contoured (for performance)
Fixed silk LSystem batching (for performance)
Removed unnecessary facing direction visibility updates (for performance)
Performance fix for splitting empire
Reusing previous widget's render textures (to save memory)
Performance fix for unit blockade
Performance fix for alliance forming
Added vertical resizing to event log
Added Solver's events
Any launched Spaceships automatically arrive on Alpha Centauri when game is over and extended play is selected
Windowed mode gets rendering updates even when window is not active
Added movie quality dropdown in user options graphics tab
- If your movies crash or stutter, try lowering your movie quality level

Clearing stencil buffer whenever you we are clearing z-buffer (for performance)
Different unit artstyles can have different buttons
New button art for event plot indicator
iAirCombatLimit works with ranged combat as well


Quest info maintained after leaving and rejoining a multiplayer game
Fixed Ctrl-H out-of-sync in multiplayer
Fixed Advanced start out-of-sync in multiplayer
Ger obsoletes with Advanced Flight, like Barracks
Advanced start tech screen more localization-friendly
Overwriting and reloading a Worldbuilder save has the expected result
Fixed bug with some events not expiring when they should
In one-city-challenge games you no longer receive quests that are impossible to complete
If a anonymous game is about to be launched with duplicate leaders, players are informed of which leader is duplicate.
Loading multiplayer games after you have just changed your name has the name change in effect
Fixed advanced start tech screen update hack
Go-to cursor no longer remains when screens or popups appear
Pitboss - no more invalid map scripts in the dropdown list
Scenario forced options work in Pitboss
Pitboss custom game options that are not available for mods are greyed out
Enemy units in neutral territory can no longer occupy the same tile when war is declared
Enemy units can no longer occupy the same tile when an invisible unit is revealed
Updated Golden Age help text
Unrestricted leaders and advanced start checkboxes have no effect in scenarios. Those options should be specified by the map.
Fixed city screen building mouseover to correctly display commerce changes
Fixed Modern Engineer glow
Fixed Christian Monastery flickering
Can always gift a city to your vassal through the diplomacy screen if you can liberate that city.
Automated workers with orders not to destroy existing improvements no longer chop forest preserves on jungles
Can no longer end turn with SHIFT-ENTER without exiting from Advanced start
Civilization Flag button update
Trying to unload troops from East Indiaman to rival territory gives declare war popup
Fixed bug where air units could bump enemy units on friendly forts
Game will no longer fail to play music if a user selects a folder that contains no audio files
Fixed AI transport crash
Fixed bug where the Three Gorges Damn would give power unhealthiness to all cities
Fixed bug where new cities would not get power unhealthiness from the Three Gorges Dam
Fixed bug where cities with just hudro/nuclear plants would not get unhealthiness
No longer possible to have both MP and AI diplomacy open at the same time
Fixed bug where incorrect espionage points we displayed in the espionage screen for passive missions
Fixed bug where Hanging Gardens would sometimes not give you extra population in all cities
Paratroopers cannot jump on enemy cities, even if the cities are unoccupied.
Right-clicking on your own leader icon in the foreign advisor screen no longer closes the screen
Fixed bug where pop-rushing, drafting, revolts, etc actually had a shorter effect than intended by one turn.
Civilopedia unit categories screen gives relevant information for Air units
Fixed bug where you could get no result when trying to create a colony
Build Forest preserve hotkey is now Shift-F to avoid conflict with Fortify
Similarly, Sea Patrol mission: Ctrl-P
Fixed info screen rival import/export bug
Civilopedia text corrections
When a new empire is formed, plot ownership is updated for everyone where appropriate
Deafening Privateer plunder sounds no longer occur simultaneously at the beginning of your turn
Fixed bug in Foreign advisor tech panel
Fixed Crusade event
Removed description from event help text
Fixed bug that allowed AI to use engineers to rush buildings that it could not build
Landmark signs cleared on regenerate map
Camera zooms to new starting location on regenerate map
QuickLoad works as expected in Advanced start
Game resets espionage spending to zero when you no longer have contact with anyone
Fixed bug with number Apostolic palace candidates for residency
Fixed events that are supposed to expire in the Renaissance to expire with Astronomy.
Unrestricted leaders option works for Pitboss
Privateers no longer destroyed when a friendly ship enters its port.
Hall of fame screen shows finish year (not date)
Upon tile improvement, citizens no longer get assigned to new plots when governor is not automated.
Fixed bug where wrong menu music played after adjusting volume and after Credits screen
Build forest preserve worker action mouseover shows happiness effect
Fixed colony team bug
Can no longer bypass the maximum of 15 characters for renaming cities
Worldbuilder now saves player, civ, and city text keys instead of translated text
Fixed Worldbuilder multiplying building free specialists on save and reload
Fixed Paratroopers to not remain in the same selection group after dropping
Fixed multiplayer hot-join when player name has illegal characters
Stripping illegal characters from save, load, and player names
Fixed save file issue with illegal characters in player name
Main menu aspect ratio no longer stretches
Main menu graphics changes no longer require a restart
Fixed spaceship art completed by teammates not appearing in spaceship screen
City screen tooltips hidden on exit
Great wall surrounds culture borders only on same continent
Fixed Feature and Terrain unit attack mouseover, civilopedia, and combat text (for mods)
Fixed first strike combat animation for non-ranged units
Fixed citybuilder crash
Fixed some bonuses not showing in combination with Cottages, Hamlets, Towns, Villages, Windmills, Mines, and Forts
Fixed Brothers in Need event
L-system cleanup
Fixed bug where wrong menu music played after adjusting volume and after Credits screen
Build forest preserve worker action mouseover shows happiness effect
Fixed colony team bug
Flanking attack combat results no longer appear before battle animation is done
Fixed bug where the units killed were doubled in statistics screen
Fixed stack air combat
Fixed Statistics screen bug where last unit was not shown in the table
Completed quests no longer appear in the quest log
Hostile Takeover quest no longer triggers when you already satisfy its requirements
Vassals no longer have resources unavailable for trade
Spies cannot be discovered when inside a ship
Players no longer get messages about unmet civilizations forming colonies
Fixed Highlands map regeneration bug
Fixed bug with Great Library free scientists increasing on conquest
Fixed bug where non-combat units could capture empty cities
Fixed Holy Mountain reward not triggering after Steam Power
Fixed negative production turn estimate during anarchy
Rival Privateers count as enemy units for "show enemy moves" and "show friendly moves" options
Fixed Interstate event text bug
Fixed "join" action mouseover for Great People
Destroying a fort no longer leaves planes or ships on the plot
Can no longer paradrop into transport ships
Fixed Great Person type probabilities not adding up to 100%
Fixed Domestic Advisor cultural expansion turns estimation bug
Fixed bug where you could sometimes click to create a colony but nothing happened
No more Dawn of Man screen in Advanced Starts
Fixed Influenza event index out of range
Fix for incorrect unit supply cost
Fixed incorrect mouseover information for Maximum National Wonders in OCC
Fixed spaceship launch ability update bug
Fixed crash
Fixed multiple AI hangs
Fixed plot indicator crash bug
Added religion link to civilopedia units (missionaries)
Fixed bug with Apostolic Palace religious building hammer bonus
Fixed CustomAssets MP crash
Host is no longer the only player who can change the admin password (for Pitboss)
Fixed greed event text bug
Trying to airstrike one of your own cities does not result in a rebase
Advanced Start colored plots update on regenerate map
Spelling corrections
Can no longer generate infinite gold by adding and removing advanced start population
Fixed bug where you could build Military Academy without Military Science
Fixed bug where you could infiltrate your own city
Can't negotiate declaring war on a vassal. Must do so on master instead.
Fixed bug that was preventing paratroopers from attacking cities occupied only by air units
Fixed erroneous message about spaceship launch
Barbarians no longer shown as members of UN in Victory Screen
Fixed bug with AI barbarian/animal bonuses on Monarch
Academy 3x2 in L-system
Removed ugly glance tab from Foreign Advisor
Fixed line segments across globe wrap
Strategy layer Lines now save and load properly
Apostolic Palace can no longer vote to give human a second city in OCC
Fixed nukes nuking themselves to death crash
Fixed bug with trade route profit mouseover help
Fixed AI crash
Fixed Spaceship smoke animation in Globeview
Fixed disappearing citizens when you remove one in a large city
Fixed stuck mouseover help for right-click menus
Fixed globeview line drawing crash
Fixed Boreal Map Script so that buildings are buildable at the very top of that map
"Fixed" Levee graphics in Civilopedia - no longer rotates
Fixed amphibious city capture bug
Fixed crash on city liberation
Fixed grids in Globeview
Game no longer hangs when map script fails to find starting plots
Fixed Warlord graphic location for mechanized unit combat
Fixed unit-specific formations not being used
Fixed events zooming to the wrong plot on torroidal maps
Fixed Great Prophet fading on surrender
Fixed workboat froth fade on surrender
Fixed some event help text for unavailable event options
Fixed taskbar icon to have transparency
Fixed city screen production queue scrollbar being inaccessible
Fixed unit action queue scrollbar being inaccessible
Fixed movie corruption on alt-tab
Fixed Lincoln eyeshadow using low-res textures
Fixed roads graphics agreeing with game logic
City cycling disabled when viewing spaceship
Fixed several city capturing bugs relating to partisans
Fixed Wedding Feud event so that war is possible to be triggered, as intended
Minimap updates for Worldbuilder terrain changes
Opening another screen from the spaceship screen no longer results in a hidden interface
Fixed plot indicators for Saltpeter event
Fixed movie crash on shutdown
Fixed popup memory leak on shutdown
Fixed AI crash
Fixed spaceship resize on resolution change
No more messages about religion spreading into cities you cannot see
Fixed spurious line in terrain texture tiles
Clarified "Earth Day" event options
Fixed ping - now has a special message, sound, and a plot indicator
Cities with no production always ask for build orders once per turn
Possible fix for hill graphics not visible
Fixed plot indicator crash on load
Actual spaceship trip length agrees with XML
Fixing frozen tool tip help when zooming out to globe view
Fixed entity widget crash
Fixed leaderhead playing greetting animation every screen
Fixed worked land shadow not contouring to terrain
Added missing text for Ancient Olympics event expiration
Fixed min-spec leaderhead rendering issues
Fixed event text formatting bug
Fixed bug where city air unit limit could be bypassed using Carriers
Winery light fix
Fixed exploit of being able to use debug tools in multiplayer games
Fixed crash on multiplayer load
Fixed non-host reverting advanced start amount
Fixed Advanced Start Out-of-sync
Fixed city effects in Globeview
Red Cross does not rotate in Civilopedia to show missing back
Fixed AI asking you to declare war on his vassal
Fixed Seige Tower not appearing


Leaderhead art update
Star System/Planet information is now stored in the WorldBuilder Save for use in modding
Game now only plays Ping EFFECT for tutorial plot discovery instead of actually pinging (fixes ping message showing up at the top of the screen)
Fixed Paradise's flag
Increased cost of Astral Gate Pieces & United Planets wonder
Can no longer bring up info screen on Star Systems which have not been revealed yet (in the fog)
Can no longer "win" an Ascendancy Victory after a player has already won the game by some other means
Fixed some text bugs
Fixed bug where capturing Star System (with a Starport) would cause player to be unable to construct any further Buildings in any of his cities
Increased # of turns for each game speed to match increase in tech cost
Added Screen to show data on a System's Planets when player clicks on an uncolonized Star on the map
Greatly increased cost of later technologies
Players can no longer adjust enemy Star Systems' population & building allocation through Espionage
Can now cash-rush things with the Democracy civic
Pirates will now use more advanced ships later in the game
Raging "Barbarians" now more spawns more Pirates
The "Enable" Tutorial option is now "Disable" so that when players install it begins enabled
Pop-up help text for Planets in city screen now always shows Planet yield (even when Tutorial is off)
Can no longer construct multiple Star Fortressses in a System
Setting city avoid growth now prevents the game from auto-placing population at the end of every turn
Increased cost of Stealth Ships
Players can now form Permanent Alliances after researching Environmentalism
Removed Great Generals from the game
Removed reference to Great Spy
Fixed bug where Squadron units wouldn't gain experience from combat
Fixed world wrapped picking
Fixed Final Frontier Map script for team games
AI now uses missiles
Updated Handicap Infos
Fixed incorrectly calculated Trade Route yield
Fixed non-shader card crash
Nuking various features will no longer destroy them


Fixed text error
Anglo-Saxon Leader -> Anglo-Saxon


Transport carry 4, mind control center reduces production by 15%
Portuguese Feitoria now replaces customs house (rather than market)
American civ uses European-style units
Fix Great Wall inconsistency with main game.
Eras play the appropriate soundtrack music and city soundscapes.
Added Apostolic Palace to Next War Epic
Fixed ocean plots being adjacent to land at world edges
Drill promotion line available to gunpowder units, as for epic game
Fixed bug with Advanced Start buildings placement
Fixed Advanced Start buildings placement


Fixed Bug with loading initial auto Save not reseting values.


Upped unit movement from 4 to 6
Increased difficulty
Fixed text bug
Fixed objective 3 issue
Partially fixed door rotating when wall destroyed
Alt-tab minimap fix


Fixed bug with city air unit capacity


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Alleluia! Btw, je joue de temps en temps avec un pote qui est pas trop mauvais (il vient juste de s'atteler à BTS), on se fait une partie un soir? 2x2 ?
Yep on relance le thread dans le forum.
L'idéal serait de faire une partie en pitboss !
Ca va prendre 3 ans en PitBoss :p On en parle sur le forum histoire de pas flooder ici ? ^^
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(20h03) Doc_Nimbus [] Civilization 6 mais avec les hommes politiques français
(16h29) _Kame_ Crusing > ah oki, j'avais regardé le début de cette vidéo y'a un bout de temps, mais j'me suis dis que ça m'apprendrait pas grand chose.
(15h01) Crusing Crusing > je sais plus ou est le passage, ou bien c'est as celle ci, mais ça expliquait bien comme le gvt avait abusé de l'élément de language "théorie du complot" pour produire l'ffet que tu disais.
(12h05) _Kame_ Bon, montons cet 6700K \o/
(12h00) _Kame_ Crusing > euh oui et ?
(11h09) Crusing Kame> []
(10h59) fwouedd Forcement, ça laisse des traces.
(10h59) fwouedd Premier contact avec civ 6 : []
(09h11) _Kame_ (02h44) Crusing > ce qui m'énerve avec ce terme de "théorie du complot", c'est que c'est tellement passé dans le langage courant, que dès qu'on soulève quelque chose de bizarre, bam, t'es catalogué, même si t'as des arguments solides.
(09h08) _Kame_ azedean59 > j'aimerai bien voir le rendu de leur écran 3d
(07h21) Dks GTB > Oui y en a un paquet, je range ça dans les anti linky style. En fait c'est que ces merdes sont affichées comme recommandées pour moi... j'ai envi de chier sur le paillasson de google quand je vois ça.
(07h20) Dks Khdot > tu as raison, que dieu me préserve.
(06h50) azedean59 Cela ressemble étrangement à la switch, mais ça date de 2015...[]
(02h47) Crusing Et y'en a un paquet de gens qui ont la tete pleine d'eau et qui vivent dans un caveau.
(02h44) Crusing Les théories du complot, aka ce qui remplace les mythes et légendes d'autrefois. Cf l'épisode 3x2 de black mirror, quand le cerveau n'est pas assez stimulé, il voit des trucs là où y'a rien.
(01h35) GTB Dks > Les théories du complot pullulent.
(00h41) Khdot si tu penses que c'est un fake tu devrais ne jamais sortir de chez toi, à priori tu n'as pas idée de ce qu'il y a à l'extérieur
vendredi 21 octobre 2016
(23h52) Dks J'espère sincèrement que le mec est un fake
(23h52) Dks merci youtube ! []
(23h19) CBL Je parle des versions 2016 de Hillary et Sarko :)
(23h18) CBL (23h14) euh non. Ils divergent sur à peu près tout : impots, rechauffement climatique, mariage gay...
Big Apple
(23h15) Big Apple donc Hillay + Trump = 2 Sarkozy
Big Apple
(23h14) Big Apple ou Hillary = Sarkozy - Le Pen
(22h46) CBL Trump = Sarkozy + Le Pen
(21h35) LeGreg Crusing > c'est pour ceux qui pensent toujours en France que Trump c'est un phénomène uniquement américain ?
(21h19) Crusing Segma > C'est surtout un débile avec un gros complexe d'infériorité, et zéro fond.
(21h15) Mimyke (19h22) thedan > []
(20h21) _Kame_ Et grâce à toi, je le connais maintenant. C'est fou le ouaib.
(20h20) Segma Crusing > Je le connaissais pas avant cet instant, merci à toi. J'aime bien, de la haine gratuite et il tape large. Le digne héritier de papacito.
(20h17) Crusing Donc on peut dire que ça lui fait une énorme pub gratuite.
(20h17) Crusing J'en ai vu un, sans savoir qui était le mec, et après j'ai vu que ça redirigeait sur tout un tas de youtubeurs qui en parlait pour faire la morale.
(20h12) CBL Mais pourquoi tu regardes ?
(20h01) Crusing je savais même pas qu'il existait avant aujourdh'ui, bande d'abrutis.
(20h00) Crusing tain tout le cercle de youtubeurs qui sort sa petite video sur raptor dissident, c'est d'un pathétique. "le YT drama c'est mal" mais on se jette dessus.
(19h57) _Kame_ Et merci Microsoft pour cette appli indispensable de maquillage par Skype []
(19h55) _Kame_ thedan > j'aime l'exemple Pornhub. Je sais plus où j'avais lu que depuis quelques années, des attaques ddos parraissaient ciblées et à taille variable, comme pour faire des stress tests des infrastructures importantes...
(19h44) Crusing kmplt242 > je m'attendais vraiment à une photo "post digestion" et pas nettoyé, déçu.
(19h31) kmplt242 Mon chien a bouffé mon amiibo, je trouve ça mega creepy []
(19h22) thedan internet ets en train de casser : [] !
(18h44) kmplt242 Le dernier single de Justice est mortel []
(17h57) CBL LeGreg > On avait au moins raison pour la retrocomp et Zelda :)
(13h18) Niko Black Mirror S3 sur Netflix \o/
(13h10) choo.t []
(11h48) Dks talc offert pour les news nintendo : Lilo et Switch. Je repars o/
(11h35) Doc_Nimbus Papier fort intéressant sur le procédural de No Man Sky (piqué chez NoFrag) : []
(09h21) LeGreg C'est marrant de relire les vieilles news sur la NX :P []
(00h28) Khdot il était fun celui au japon là, si siu
jeudi 20 octobre 2016
(23h50) Crusing C'est bon c'est acquis que les précédents films wolverine sont des daube, ça coutait rien de s'en détcher totalement.
(23h48) Crusing thedan > (23h17) Bein ils peuvent au moins se rapprocher de l'ambiance, c'est pas difficile, tu prend fury road, tu mélange avec la colline à des yeux, turbo kid, Ichi the killer et zebra man, et c'est bon.
(23h45) Crusing thedan > (23h17) y'a rien de plus hormis un plantage de griffe dans la tete sans sang
(23h35) GTB Le nouveau Verbinski []
Le vertueux
(23h30) Le vertueux MrPapillon > effectivement, très sympa comme film.
(23h18) MrPapillon Le meilleur film de super héros c'est Big Man Japan, et c'est pas américain : []
(23h17) thedan Crusing > pas vu le red band... Et au vu des droits ils peuvent pas faire Old Man, tu le sais tres bien
(23h04) Crusing Le red band trailer est risible en tout cas.
(23h00) Crusing Fallait faire Old Man Logan case par case, pas faire de la demi mesure en se l'appropriant, et ça aurait cartonné comme deadpool.
(22h58) Crusing Dks > (21h40) normalement dans la BD on comprends que ça ça se passe biennnnn longtemps après une apocalypse, que les enfants de hulk on fait des consanguins façon la colline à des yeux, et que c'est sale et sans aucune règle.
(22h55) Crusing ouin ouin je suis vieux je porte le poids du monde.
(22h55) Crusing thedan > (19h10) ouais bein on est bien loin du déluré et gore Old Man Logan. A des années lumière.
(22h52) MrPapillon C'est toujours la même chose avec un style différent.
(22h51) MrPapillon thedan > Bof, le scénar a l'air chiant.
(22h24) __MaX__ X-23 la gamine du trailer de Logan ? Ca pourrait être intéressant de voir quelle approche ils empruntent.
(22h18) __MaX__ fwouedd > Stoi le vieux.
(21h40) Dks thedan > je croyais qu'il ne pouvait pas vieillir avec ces os remplis de calcium :s
(21h07) Doc_Nimbus Old Man Logan ♥
(20h05) fwouedd Y'a tellement de stabilo qu'on a l'impression que c'est un trailer pour les gens qui comprennent pas que Logan est vieux.
(20h04) fwouedd thedan > Nope, trop de vieillerie tue la vieillerie. La main qui tremble, la grosse barbe, la vieille voiture, la vieille rouille, le vieux Johnny Cash, c'est bien du marvel, y'a pas de doute.
(19h45) Zakwil thedan > du coup ca fait moins marvel et plus dc
(19h38) Laurent thedan > Papy Wolverine joue The Last of US
(19h10) thedan oh, un film de superheros qui donne envie [] meme pour les haineux ...
(17h59) noir_desir fwouedd > D-Kalcke > 16h41 et 16h42... vous etes jumeaux ?
(17h50) Crusing ca sera foufou.
(17h50) Crusing fwouedd > l'étendue de la map et une vraie végétation (parce que le un le désert c'était bien pratique)
(17h30) fwouedd Mais je prefere une bonne surprise à une mauvaise.
(17h30) fwouedd Bref, ça serait vraiment cool, parce que ça dechirait le premier (sauf les passages à 15 fps).
(17h19) Crusing Ah oui c'est pas faux. Et ca avait clairement pas prix l'ampleur de GTAO, il est quand même dans le top des ventes PC depuis un bail grace à ça.
(17h16) Crusing fwouedd > (17h15) j'en acun souvenir.
(17h16) fwouedd Juste pour le fun.
(17h15) Crusing Quoiqu'i l en soit, d'ici à ce qu'il sorte, un PS4/X1 vaudra le prix d'une tablette tactile bas de gamme, donc ça n'est pas bien grave.
(17h15) fwouedd Perso, je me fais pas d'illusions, je pense qu'ils sont capables de continuer à entretenir ce délire d'attente infinie.
(17h15) fwouedd Crusing > Bah y'a une grosse partie online sur le premier aussi.
(17h12) Crusing Y'aurait pas de online je pense aussi qu'il restrait exclu console.
(17h12) fwouedd Alors que red dead, y'a pas de contrat d'exclue, et il est jamais arrivé.
(17h12) Crusing La partie Online va peut etre les obliger à le sortir sur PC, enfin c'est amha plus pérenne sur PC.
(17h11) fwouedd Crusing > Sauf que tous les GTA sont sorti sur pc.
(17h11) Crusing fwouedd > On disait pareil pour GTA5.
(17h10) fwouedd Crusing > Perso, je pense qu'il sortira pas sur PC.
(17h07) Doc_Nimbus GTB > (17h04) Il en a dans le ventre le rage engine quand il n'est bridé par les PS360.
(17h06) Crusing GTB > ca fait chier d'attendre au moins un an et demi pour y jouer sur PC...
(17h06) fwouedd Ils sortent meme plus de mario kart sur 3ds, c'est un signe.
(17h05) fwouedd Donc on peut officielement dire que les splatoon et les mario Kart, ca se vends plus du tout en fait.
(17h05) D-Kalcke il n'a que 8 ans, encore heureux que je ne le laisse pas jouer à CoD
(17h04) GTB Trailer de RDR² []
(17h04) fwouedd N'empeche que les gens qui en ont n'achetent pas de WiiU non plus.
(17h04) D-Kalcke je dis pas ça pour dire qu'il veut une Wii U, je dis ça, pour te situer ses gouts
(17h03) fwouedd Clairement que j'ai pas d'enfants.
(17h03) D-Kalcke fwouedd > je crois que tu n'as pas d'enfant
(17h03) fwouedd C'est peut etre le dernier europeen à vouloir une wiiU en fait.
(17h03) D-Kalcke fwouedd > il a une 3DS, donc il joue à tout ça, sauf Splatoon
(17h02) fwouedd Enfin je veux pas t'affoler, mais il est different si j'en crois la tronche du marché.