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Nouveau patch pour Civ V

CBL par CBL,  email  @CBL_Factor
Firaxis continue de bosser dur pour améliorer Civilization V ce qui est plutôt cool. Il faut dire que le jeu est très joué (il n'a pas quitté le top 10 des jeux Steam les plus joués depuis sa sortie) et continue de bien se vendre (il est toujours dans le top 20 des ventes Steam).

Ce nouveau patch ajoute la gestion des replays et permet enfin de jouer en hot seat. Même si le play by mail n'est pas supporté nativement, Firaxis précise que les sauvegardes faites avec le mode hot seat s'envoient très bien par email. Il ne manque plus qu'un mode pitboss et on aura enfin un multi vaguement comparable à celui de Civilization IV.

Ce patch ajuste aussi trois tonnes de paramètres du jeu en le rendant globalement plus cohérent et plus dur.

* Pacing has received a large amount of work. Expect to have more of a challenge managing your empire at higher difficulty levels than you did before. Consider dropping a difficulty level if you have problems.
* Existing saves will work correctly. However, the balance pass may make your existing happiness lower than expected when loading into your existing save post-patch.
* Civilopedia now available in the Main Menu (under “Other”)
* Replay is now available at the end of the game, and through the main menu. You can choose Map, Graphs, and turn-by-turn. Only games played post-patch will apply.
* Great People progress UI addition (upper-left Info Corner UI).
* Combat preview for Aircraft UI addition.
* Fixed aircraft UI issue causing the aircraft selection UI to duplicate itself when rebasing aircraft.
* When loading save game files, you can now order the list by name, or last modified.
* Fix aircraft UI bug that was causing Nuclear Missiles and Atomic Bombers to leave behind container UI after it’s destroyed.
* Removed dead players from Demographics UI.
* Made backstab routine more transparent (the dialog will clearly state that they are backstabbing you).
* AI now remembers when it has been nuked, for a permanent diplomatic penalty.
* AI now recognizes a player that captured their capital for a permanent diplomatic penalty.
* End declaration of friendship as soon as war is declared (so can't later get a notification that it has expired).
* AI remembers if you satisfied one of their requests (positive modifier, decays over time, based on value of items granted).
* AI remembers if you fought against a common foe (positive modifier, decays over time, based on damage done to the common foe).
* Track trades between players and allow that to positively influence relationships (the better the deal for the AI, the stronger the modifier). Particularly useful for bribing a hostile AI.
* Rebalanced AI flavors and strategies for unit training to improve AI army composition and build choices.
* Allow the AI to consider Pikeman units for offensive roles when they can't build Swordsman or Longswordsman.
* Allow Alexander and Darius to consider Hoplites and Immortals for offensive roles in early game.
* AI players may now use a Great General in early rushes on higher difficulties.
* Modified flavor tags for Atomic Bomb and Nuclear Missile so AI builds them only when it decides it specifically wants Nukes.
* Block City States from building carriers, atomic weapons.
* Strategies for building mobile units now persist into Modern era to help AI decisions for when to build tanks and modern armor.
* Dampen early game Grand Strategies to give the AI time to expand (AI were sometimes stuck in a single city until late in the game).
* Victory adjustments to AI behaviors, including alternate victory paths as “back-ups” (for example, building the Apollo Program, even if they are not going for a Spaceship victory).
* Revise code calculating recommended army size (using smaller armies if the threat is low).
* Correct issue that was causing late-game continent-bound AI’s to over-build units intending to invade, and never properly execute the amphibious invasion.
* Scale recommended army sizes based on difficulty level.
* AI grand strategy and flavor weighting balance pass.
* AI policy choice weighting balance pass.
* AI tech choice weighting balance pass.
* Player is now given the option to return a CS worker that they free from barbarians.
* Roads under captured cities no longer charge maintenance.
* Machu Picchu no longer destroyed when capturing a city containing Machu Picchu.
* Fixed Oligarchy bug that was causing the effect to expire when loading from a save.
* Multiplayer AI is now consistent with Single Player AI.
* Hot-Seat is now available through the multiplayer menu.
o You can have as many humans playing as available slots in the game.
o Password protection is built in.
o All maps, including purchased and user-created, are available to play in Hot-Seat.
o While play-by-email is not yet implemented, we did include an in-between turn saving option for those that want to play via email.
* Policy “Finishers” added to all 10 policy trees. Taking all policies in a tree will grant an additional bonus effect. See policy notes below for more information.
* Tweaked Policy cost formula (cheaper earlier, more expensive later).
* Reduced per-city Policy cost increase by 50%.
* Culture from City States tweaked (less early, more later).
* Killing a barbarian for a city state now gives 12 influence (was 5).
* Production cost adjustments for units/buildings/wonders (mostly a little cheaper, much cheaper late game).
* Unhappiness per city increased to 3 from 2.
* All great person tile improvements now connect all strategic resources.
* Reduced Culture from Goody Huts to 20 from 30.
* Defense penalty and city assault bonus promotions are now lost with upgrade.
* Research agreements now give a tech boost instead of a free tech. Tech boosts start at 50% of the median value of all techs you can research. Can be boosted to 100% if you both start Rationalism and build the Porcelain Tower.
Terrain, Resources, and Improvements
* New bonus resource: Stone (+1 production, improved with a Quarry). See the Stone Works building note below for additional details.
* Map generation improvements to integrate Stone into production-poor terrain, reducing the temporary usage of Cows. Additionally, will switch grass bonus resources from Cows to Stone when production is needed.
* Marsh and Fallout terrain penalty reduced from -33 to -15.
* Academy yield increases with Scientific Theory.
* Customs House yield increases with Economics.
* Manufactory yield increases with Chemistry.
* Marble wonder production mod reduced to 15%.
* Luxury resources now give 4 Happiness, down from 5.
* Remove penalty for improving Tundra, Snow and Desert.
* Railroad improvement now takes 3 turns, down from 7.
* Scrub Fallout now takes 2 turns, down from 5.
* Repair improvement now takes 2 turns, down from 3.
* Well improvements now remove jungle/forest/marsh.
* New building: Stone Works: +1 Happiness and +1 production, and +1 production for each source of Marble and Stone worked. Requires Marble or Stone.
* Burial Tomb now correctly has an Artist slot.
* Mud Pyramid Mosque reduced 1 Culture.
* Circus moved to Trapping.
* Forge maintenance reduced 1 gold.
* Windmill production modifier reduced 5% to 10%.
* Monastery base Culture reduced from 3 to 2. Per resource Culture unchanged.
* Mint gold per resource reduced by 1 gold.
* Colosseum maintenance reduced by 1 gold, Happiness reduced by 1.
* Theatre maintenance reduced by 1 gold, Happiness reduced by 1.
* Stadium maintenance reduced by 1 gold, Happiness reduced by 1.
* Broadcast tower cultural modifier reduced to 33% but now gives 3 Culture.
* Armory maintenance reduced by 1 gold and moved to Machinery.
* Military academy maintenance reduced by 2 gold.
* Arsenal moved to rifling and now provides city defense instead of unit production.
* Walls now gives 4 Defense (was 5).
* Walls of Bablylon now give 6 Defense (was 7.5).
* Mughal Fort now gives 6 Defense (was 9).
* Castle now gives 4 Defense (was 7.5).
* University maintenance reduced by 1 gold and now gives a 33% boost to science instead of 50% (will increase to 50% after adopting Free Thought Policy).
* Military Academy now requires Armory instead of Barracks.
* Arsenal now requires Castle instead of Military Academy.
* Military Base now requires Arsenal.
* Wat now requires Library.
* Mud Pyramid Mosque now requires Monument.
* Harbor naval production reduced 10% but now increases sea resources yield by 1 hammer.
* Seaports no longer require a sea resource, they now require a Harbor. Production per sea resource reduced by 1 hammer.
* Factory production increased by 1 hammer but modifier decreased to 10%.
* Solar/Nuclear plant cost greatly reduced.
* Solar/Nuclear plant production increased by 1 hammer but modifier decreased to 15%.
* Public School science per population reduced by 50% and now provides a flat 3 science.
* Research Laboratory modifier reduced by 50% but now gives a flat 4 science.
* Workshop production modifier reduced by 5%.
* Barracks, Armory, Military Academy and Krepost now provide experience to all units trained.
* National College moved to Philosophy and reduced by 2 science.
* Oxford University now gives 3 additional science.
* Great Lighthouse now also provides a free Lighthouse in the city where it was built.
* Great library now gives 3 additional science, and provides a free Library in the city where it was built.
* Porcelain tower now additionally increases the Science granted when completing Research Agreements by 50%.
* Hermitage moved to Acoustics and much cheaper to build. Now requires Opera Houses but gives only a 50% boost to Culture.
* Stonehenge Culture reduced to 6 from 8.
* Pyramids worker speed increase reduced to 25% from 50% but now give a free Worker when built
* Hanging Gardens now give 10 Food instead of 1 population per city and Happiness.
* Great Wall now obsoletes with Dynamite instead of metallurgy and gives 3 Culture. Additionally, a free Wall is provided in the city where it was built.
* Hagia Sophia great person modifier reduced to 25% from 34%, and gives a free Great Person of your choice.
* Eiffel Tower now give 5 Happiness plus 1 for every 2 Policies adopted.
* Chichen Itza now grants an additional 4 Happiness.
* Machu Picchu trade route gold increased by 5% and also gives a flat 5 gold.
* The Colossus now gives an additional 5 gold.
* Notre Dame now gives 10 Happiness, up from 5, and 3 Culture.
* Sistine Chapel Culture modifier reduced from 33% to 25%.
* Kremlin global city defense mod reduced to 25% from 50% but now gives 12 defense in the city where it's built.
* Cristo Redentor Policy discount reduced from 25% to 10% but now gives 4 Culture.
* Pentagon upgrade cost reduced to 33% from 50% but now gives 3 Culture.
* Sydney Opera House moved to Mass Media and gives 50% Culture in the city where it's built plus 4 Culture.
* Big Ben hurry modifier reduced to 15% from 25% but now gives a flat 4 gold.
* Himeji bonus reduced to 15% from 25%, and provides a free Castle in the city where it was built.
* Forbidden Palace now provides -10% unhappiness from Citizens in non-occupied Cities.
Civilization Unique Abilities
* Arabia: Bazaar now gives 2 gold on oil/oasis.
* America: Remove river start bias.
* America: Increase plot buy modifier to 50% from 25%.
* China: Great General trait reduced to 50% from 100%.
* Babylon: Great Scientist trait reduced to 50% from 100%.
* Germany: Now receives a 25% discount on land unit maintenance.
* Ottoman: Now receives a 67% discount on naval unit maintenance, and can upgrade Galley’s to Trireme’s.
* Liberty and Autocracy are no longer mutually exclusive.
* Freedom, Autocracy and Order are now mutually exclusive.
* Tradition
o Aristocracy now provides +15% Production when building Wonders down from 20%.
o Landed Elite now provides 1 Happiness at every 10 Citizens in each City.
o Tradition Finisher: +15% Growth and +2 Food in each city.
* Liberty
o Meritocracy: +1 Happiness for each city connected to your capital, and -5% Unhappiness from citizens in non-occupied cities.
o Republic now adds an additional 5% building production modifier.
o Liberty Finisher: Great Person of your choice.
* Honor
o Honor Opener now additionally provides Culture for each barbarian killed.
o Warrior Code now also gives 15% melee unit production.
o Military Caste now provides +1 Happiness and +2 Culture for each city with a garrison.
o Professional Army now reduces cost of upgrading units by 33% and provides +1 Happiness per defensive building (Walls, Castle, Arsenal, Military base).
o Honor Finisher: Grants gold for each enemy unit killed.
* Piety
o Piety Opener now provides a 15% production bonus on Culture buildings.
o Free Religion now provides only 1 free Policy but increases the Culture from Monuments, Temples and Monasteries by 1.
o Organized Religion now gives 1 Happiness per Monument, Temple and Monastery.
o Reformation now increases Culture in all cities with a Wonder by 33%, and starts a Golden Age.
o Theocracy now increase gold yield by 10% in cities with a Temple.
o Piety Finisher: -10% Culture cost of future Policies.
* Patronage
o Scholasticism reduced from 33% to 25%
o Patronage Finisher: Causes other players’ influence with City States to decrease 33% more per turn than usual.
* Commerce
o Naval Tradition policy now also gives +1 moves to embarked units.
o Commerce Finisher: +1 Gold per Specialist.
* Rationalism
o Rationalist Opener now increases the Science granted when completing Research Agreements by 50%. Stacks with Porcelain Tower.
o Free Thought now also increases University science yield by 17%
o Humanism now also affects Public Schools and Observatories.
o Rationalism Finisher: +1 Gold from Science buildings.
* Freedom
o Freedom Opener now provides 25% Great Person Points in all cities.
o Democracy now provides -50% Unhappiness per Specialist.
o Constitution now provides +2 Culture per Wonder.
o Free Speech now provides 8 maintenance free units.
o Freedom Finisher: +100% yield from Great Tile Improvements and increase length of Golden Ages by 50%.
* Autocracy
o Police State now provides 3 Happiness per Courthouse, and reduces the time it take to build Courthouses by 50%.
o Total War now provides +15% Production when building Military Units and +15 XP for new units.
o Autocracy Finisher: 30 turn attack bonus of +20%.
* Order
o Order Opener now provides +1 Happiness per City.
o Socialism and Planned Economy swapped places.
o Socialism buff to 15% reduction in building maintenance from 10%.
o Planned Economy now increases Science yield by 25% in cities with a Factory.
o Communism now provides 2 Production and 10% Production towards buildings in each city.
o Order Finisher: +1 Food/Production/Science/Gold/Culture per city.
* United Front – Militaristic City States now grant units twice as often when you are at war with a common foe.
* Reduced cost of Calendar, Civil Service, Iron Working, Gunpowder, Rifling and Dynamite.
* Scaled up costs of all sciences starting in the mid-renaissance era and on (larger increases later on).
* Metal Working requires Construction.
* Railroad now requires Dynamite.
* Radar now requires Combustion.
* Globalization requires Computers, and the cost is increased.
* Computers require Radar.
* Particle Physics no longer requires Globalization (Space victory now possible without overlapping Diplomatic victory).
* Future Tech requires Globalization.
* Tech Aesthetics: moved Dynamite and all future technologies around by 1 position for better alignment.
* Destroyers no longer start with extra sight.
* Extra Sight promotions are now lost with upgrade (Caravel).
* Great General promotion spawning effectiveness reduced by 50%.
* Mohawk Jungle/Forest bonus reduced to 25% from 50%.
* Gunship anti-armor promotions now work correctly.
* Jaguar now gets Woodsman promotion.
* Minuteman now start with Drill I.
* Mohawk Warriors no longer require Iron.
* Carriers no longer require Oil.
* Destroyer moved to Combustion.
* Mechanized infantry moves reduced from 4 to 3.
* Galley now upgrades to Trireme.
* Ironclad now upgrades to Battleship.
* +1 moves for Tank, Panzer, Modern Armor, with no sight penalty.
* Increased combat strength of siege weapons to 50% of their ranged strength, increased intrinsic city attack promotions (10%/30% -> 20%/50%).
* Increased Incan slinger combat strength slightly.
* Increased Crossbowman and Chu-Ko-Nu combat and ranged strength.
* Decreased Longswordsman, Fighter, Bomber, Guided Missile, Jet Fighter and corresponding UUs strength.
* Removed Mandekalu Cavalry city attack bonus promotion (but still has no penalty).
* Reduced Tank, Panzer, Modern Armor to lower tier city attack penalty (-25%, instead of -33%).
* Aztec Culture from kills now stacks with new Honor Policy branch opener for double Culture killing barbarians.
* Boosted Chariot Archer to strength 4 and ranged 7 (Egypt War Chariot as well).
* Drop combat value of Berserker and Huscarl to match Longswordsman.
* Fixed a bug in Lua where "Events..Remove" was not behaving correctly.
* (Lua) Added GameEvents.CityCanBuyAnyPlot(ownerID, cityID) (TestAll)
* (Lua) Added GameEvents.CityCanBuyPlot(ownerID, cityID, plotX, plotY) (TestAll)
* (Lua) Added GameEvents.CityCanCreate(ownerID, cityID, projectTypeID); (TestAll)
* (Lua) Added GameEvents.CityCanMaintain(ownerID, cityID, processTypeID); (TestAll)
* (Lua) Added GameEvents.CityCanPrepare(ownerID, cityID, specialistTypeID); (TestAll)
* (Lua) Added GameEvents.CityCanTrain(ownerID, cityID, unitTypeID); (TestAll)
* (Lua) Added GameEvents.PlayerAdoptPolicy(playerID, policyTypeID); (Hook)
* (Lua) Added GameEvents.PlayerAdoptPolicyBranch(playerID, policyBranchTypeID); (Hook)
* (Lua) Added GameEvents.PlayerCanAdoptPolicy(playerID, policyTypeID); (TestAll)
* (Lua) Added GameEvents.PlayerCanAdoptPolicyBranch(playerID, policyBranchTypeID); (TestAll)
* (Lua) Added GameEvents.PlayerCanConstruct(playerID, buildingTypeID); (TestAll)
* (Lua) Added GameEvents.PlayerCanCreate(playerID, projectTypeID); (TestAll)
* (Lua) Added GameEvents.PlayerCanEverReseearch(playerID, techtypeID); (TestAll)
* (Lua) Added GameEvents.PlayerCanMaintain(playerID, processTypeID); (TestAll)
* (Lua) Added GameEvents.PlayerCanPrepare(playerID, specialistTypeID); (TestAll)
* (Lua) Added GameEvents.PlayerCanResearch(playerID, techTypeID); (TestAll)
* (Lua) Added GameEvents.PlayerCanTrain(playerID, unitTypeID); (TestAll)
* (Lua) Added GameEvents.TeamSetHasTech(teamID, techID); (Hook)
* It's now possible to have the tech tree "dead end" where the final technology is not repeatable.
* New graph datasets used by the replay viewer can be added by mods.
* Action Icons now use the database in the same way as other icons instead of using ActionIcons.lua.


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Ca change toutes les techniques en tous les cas en multi, ce soir en 3 parties je n'ai pas vu un seul longswordman... Par contre ils ont aussi ajouté le replay et plein de graphique à la con comme dans les civs précédents. Les socials policies ont encore bien bougées c'est quand même un peu chiant mais bon.
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(19h37) bixente Putain, la moindre MAJ de Doom fait aux alentours de 10 gigas. Entre ça et le récent GOW 4 à 80 gigas... En 2016, les dévs doivent croire que tous les joueurs ont la fibre.
(17h09) _Kame_ Yolteotl > ça revient au problème de redistribution des richesses. D'ailleurs les suisses ont dit non à 80% à une telle chose. Alors bon, peut être après la 3ème guerre mondiale.
(14h26) Crusing Le LD est cool, Ca fait bizarre de devoir réfléchir dans un jeu Ubi
(14h25) Crusing Et malgré l'aspect kikoo hipster, l'univers parait effectivement plus cohérent que le 1 (en jouant full stealth)
(14h24) Crusing Doc_Nimbus > J'ai une gtx1080, donc tout à fond en 4K, sauf le MSAA au delà de 4X qui pompe, ça a l'air bien optimisé, et la ville est vraiment chouette
(14h02) Doc_Nimbus Crusing > L'optimisation est pas trop aux fraises ?
(13h46) Crusing Bon et bien il est très bien ce Watch Dogs 2.
(13h45) Yolteotl Kame> Ou alors on accepte que le travail devienne quelque chose de secondaire, et on fournit un revenu universel à tout le monde :)
(13h28) MrPapillon Il faudrait automatiser les tests de Call of Duty et FIFA.
(12h47) _Kame_ Et on accepte que l'avenir de l'humanité, c'est de faire des tâches répétitives, bien souvent rébarbatifs, jusqu'à la fin des temps.
(12h45) _Kame_ Et le pb de supprimer les caissières, c'est un pb plus général quand à l'automatisation, et qui revient tjrs au à la distribution plus équitable des richesses. Ou alors on réintroduit les opératrices téléphoniques.
(10h27) Crusing Zakwil > Ouais sauf que pour les sacn achat, y'a des controles aléatoires, j'imagine qu'ils sont pas trop con non plus, et surtout ils ont du calculer qu'il vaut mieux ne pas payer de caissiers et avoir un petit taux de vol hein ;)
(09h59) Zakwil Crusing > Dks > c'était de l'ironie là il y a que des gentils hipsters, dans la vraie vie ça va plus être comment contourner le système genre en prendre 2 en remettre 1 en reprendre un autre...
(09h57) Zakwil Niko > (21h35) ouais \o/
(09h55) Doc_Nimbus On manque encore beaucoup trop d'infos sur le sujet tout de même : [] (par contre, l'aspect vie privée va encore régresser avec ce système...)
(09h54) Dks Y a pas d'énervement, on expose nos sentiments ^^.
(09h46) Crusing Calmez vous, c'est pas franchement différent des scan-achat dans les Leclerc.
(09h32) Dks Enfin après c'est juste une pub hipster instagram d'amazon, comme une pub apple ou crosoft qui présentent un produit.
(09h31) Dks Risbo > ça n'invalide pas le risque de kicker les hotesses de caisses. Ca peut être bien pour remplacer les actuelles caisses automatique, mais là c'est toutes les caisses.
(09h29) Dks Risbo > Dans cette vidéo le seul moment où ça parle thunes c'est quand la cliente sort du shop et regarde sa facture. Tu ne vois personne matter son tel en faisant les courses pour être raccord avec son rsa.
(09h18) Risbo Dks > Ah bon t'as testé ? Je vois pas ce qui empêche d'avoir le montant au centimes prêt vu que t'es censé être authent par ton smartphone.
(09h17) Dks Zakwil > plus besoin de caisses, bientôt plus d'humains. Amazon sont sur la bonne voie pour skynet. Et ça joue sur le fait que tu ne fais même attention au montant de tes achats.
(08h54) Zakwil [] j'aimerai voir ça à Marseille... sans vigiles bien sûr
(07h41) Dks Crusing > bug dans la matrice
(02h14) Crusing Oulah, Dead Rising 4 a l'air foiré.
mardi 06 décembre 2016
(22h08) Doc_Nimbus Laurent > Que c'est nul (bis)
Big Apple
(21h55) Big Apple zouz > Que c'est nul.
(21h42) Laurent Je viens de découvrir par hasard ce youtuber et je reste sans voix devant ce mélange de Nicolas Hulot et de Julien Lepers []
(18h39) Asta Crusing > C'est amusant mais ça fait peur. Mais c'est amusant.
(16h10) Crusing Laurent > Plutot que de faire un commentaire ironique, je pense que comme pour les comm du figaro, il est plus amusant de poster de vrais commentaires de "fan" []
(15h48) Laurent zouz > Seulement 10 plans d'explosions ? Il perd la main le Michael
(15h17) zouz Transforportenawaknazichevaliersmetalgearsanthonyhopkinsespacewalbergmers 5 []
(09h34) Doc_Nimbus Je relance la tribune avec ces quelques planches intemporelles de Gotlib : []
lundi 05 décembre 2016
(22h21) MrPapillon Après on utilisait ça à une distance de 2 mètres des caméras.
(22h20) MrPapillon Kame> Y a pas trop à s'en faire, c'est hyper précis à l'utilisation. Sur Bullet Train, un vieux truc gratos, les seules fois où ça déconnait, c'était quand la main sortait du champ de vision des cams ou qu'il y avait un bug qui faisait tout clamser.
(22h14) CBL Le code doit utiliser les donnees brut plutot que d'interpoller pour lisser les valeurs
(21h51) _Kame_ j'suis étonné de voir les armes "trembler" []
(21h49) MrPapillon Kame> Ouaip, j'attends les tests. Ça sent la durée de vie foireuse.
(21h45) _Kame_ MrPapillon > Superhot VR ça doit être fun qd même
(21h35) Niko Westworld \o/ []
(21h29) MrPapillon C'est une embuscade.
(21h29) MrPapillon Tout le reste est quasi à 15€ minimum.
(21h28) MrPapillon Du coup 60€ pour faire des gribouillis.
(21h28) MrPapillon Et 30€ pour Quill, le truc genre peinture.
(21h28) MrPapillon 30€ pour Medium, comme si les gens allaient payer 30€ pour dessiner des trucs moches.
(21h27) MrPapillon Wow le prix des jeux Touch.
(20h56) Khdot (20h56) Kame> <3
(20h56) _Kame_ Quoique non je veux pas de réponse. Organisons plutôt une purge pour rebooster l'économie.
(20h50) _Kame_ Khdot > Qui serait ? Si on donne pas de sous aux pauvres, ils vont s'enrichir ?
(20h44) Khdot (14h23) Crusing > on peut refaire la vidéo avec les mêmes chiffre mais avec une conclusion opposée... #DataGauche.
(20h30) MrPapillon Niko > Justement, ça permettrait d'avoir un test 100% porté sur la technique du jeu : anti-aliasing, qualité du bloom, nombre de polys sur les plumes, etc... Les vrais détails qui intéressent les joueurs.
(19h41) kimo noir_desir > je suis p-e fan de COD !
(18h21) Niko Fougère n'a pas d'émotions
(18h11) GTB thedan > Vu l'ensemble des reviews largement positives, c'est plutôt jvc qui est à part pour une fois.
(17h55) Fougère noir_desir > J'ai pas la couleur émotionnelle qui va bien
(17h38) thedan ce qui est impressionnant, c'est qui a mis 3 testeurs à part et qui ont tous les 3 sortis les mêmes choses... Sur le coup, je me demande si Bouleapoire de GK fait pas son fanboy... Je vais regarder l’émission tiens
(17h30) noir_desir Fougère > entre nous ce que met gb c'est un peu comme pisser dans un violon ça sert à rien :p
(17h29) noir_desir Fougère > je voulais que se soit un fan de cod qui y le teste, fougère c'est pour toi
(16h46) Fougère C'est Kimo qui fais le test chez nous, on dis qu'on le sort au prochain jeu de Ueda annoncé
(16h46) Fougère 10 sur GB, 14 sur JVCOM
(16h21) noir_desir The last guardian réussi, un miracle... 8 sur gk
(15h30) thedan fwouedd > non, non pas d'OC.... Merci, j'y ai pas pensé hier
(15h27) fwouedd (ca risque rien, par contre ça annule les OC si la config est OC)
(15h26) fwouedd Tu cherches le jumper du clear cmos sur ta CM et tu fais ça : []
(15h22) thedan fwouedd > ça j'ai pas fait
(15h22) thedan fwouedd > je vais vérifier. On sait jamais
(15h22) fwouedd Non, je te parle d'un reset hardware, direct par la CM.
(15h21) thedan fwouedd > ca pas encore....
(15h21) fwouedd Ca peut parraitre con, mais parfois, tu peux avoir un reglage qui fou le bordel.
(15h21) thedan fwouedd > ben le problème de bios, je le verrais plus car quand je branche la CG de nv, j'ai un affichage figé avec la date de l’émission du bios !... Bon je sens que ça va partir en diagnostic LDLC cette histoire (pas envie ni le matos pour tester)
(15h21) fwouedd T'as essayé un reset du bios?
(15h19) thedan Crusing > ... Peut étre ce que je ne comprends pas, c'est que j'ai un numéro d'erreur qui apparait sur la CM quand je branche la CG dessus... Et la CG a les ventilos qui tournent... (j'ai une alim 650w Gold Cooler Master)
(15h15) fwouedd thedan > Ah bah c'est hyper moche.
(15h14) Crusing thedan > oui le soucis vient surement de la faiblesse de ton alim.
(15h14) Crusing fwouedd > Idiocracie incoming!
(15h14) thedan fwouedd > ça marche avec une vielle quadro (sans port d'alim branché)
(15h11) fwouedd Crusing > Ouais, mais c'est quand même dingue ce syndrome de stockholm généralisé.
(15h09) Crusing fwouedd > Ou mieux, commenteront un truc du type "encore de la propagande de la bien pensance de bobo trotskisto judeo islamo sionisto crypto homo fonctonnarial."
(15h09) fwouedd (Par contre, faut revoir la musique, c'est vraiment too much la musique ouinouin)
(15h05) fwouedd (Ou douteront des données)
(15h05) fwouedd Crusing > Le soucis, c'est que les gens qui otn besoin de voir cette vidéo ne la verront jamais.
(14h23) Crusing l'assistanat : []
(14h14) MrPapillon L'espèce de jeu open source de Google Deep Mind, pour entraîner des IAs : []
(14h00) Risbo choo.t > Non mais c'est bien, on peut que progresser. Dite moi qu'on ne peut QUE progresser ahah
(13h58) choo.t Article L3421-4 du Code de la santé publique : [...] le fait de présenter ces infractions sous un jour favorable est puni de cinq ans d'emprisonnement et de 75000 euros d'amende. [...]
(13h57) choo.t Risbo > Tiens, j'avais zappé ce truc ( j'étais à l'étranger avec un accès au net vraiment pourris), mais dans un pays qui t'interdis déjà de dire que le cannabis c'est bien moins dangereux que le tabac ou l'alcool, rien ne me surprend.
(13h45) Risbo choo.t > C'est comme l'histoire de la loi anti "anti ivg sur internet". Les gens réfléchissent pas et voient pas les conséquences a long terme. Pcke si le mec qui fait la vidéo est "honnête", alors c'est juste un idiot de plus.. Et putain, le JDG a signé.
(13h39) choo.t Risbo > J'hésite entre naïf, débile ou avide masqué, mais dans tout les cas Realmyop baisse bien dans mon estime.
(13h27) fwouedd (Enfin je parle surtout pour moi et mes experiences de reparations qui foirent 80% du temps :) )
(13h27) fwouedd Ca coute moins cher que l'outillage + pieces detachées + kit evo quand t'as tout fait bruler :)
(13h27) fwouedd Non mais c'est bien le kit evo :)
(13h25) noir_desir fwouedd > oui je pense... Je ne me suis jamais amusé à changer de puce interne à cm, peut etre que dan sais le faire?
(13h14) fwouedd Faut pouvoir l'isoler comme fautif, c'est chaud non?
(13h11) noir_desir fwouedd > ou changer la puce qui controle le port pci...
(12h52) fwouedd Ouais. A mon avis le premier truc à faire, c'est tester une vieille CG. M'enfin de toute façon, il est bon pour changer de CM :)
(12h51) Laurent ou alors tu as une vieille CM qui ne supporte que le PCI-e 8x (on va dire) et pas le 16x
(12h49) Laurent (12h30) j'avoue je pencherai bien pour le port PCI-e qui en a pris un coup avec ta CG qui a grillé
(12h46) GTB Risbo > Roh la vache le niveau des com' oÔ.
(12h44) fwouedd (Et accessoirement, controle bien tes connectiques CG vers l'alim, on ne sait jamais)
(12h38) fwouedd Ou pire, est ce que la surconso du PCI-E de la RX470 n'a pas flingué ton port?